Princess Says Goodbye

Monday, May 21, 2007

Today was a hard day for Princess. Her best friend in the entire world, our next door neighbor went on vacation for a week. To an almost three year old she might as well have left for good. All was well until after lunch Princess asked to play with her I had to say that her friend would not be back for a few days. This elicited a flood of tears that was unimaginable. Princess loves with her whole heart and soul. Which is an admirable trait, I hope she never gives it up. While I we wish our friend a lot of fun and a safe trip, we hope they come home soon because Princess loves them so dearly.

Stinky was up almost all night getting his first upper tooth, poor baby, yet another sign that he is growing up into a little boy and not the baby we brought home from the hospital almost a year ago.

This is also an odd anniversary for us. Three years ago today I went into labor with Princess and my life as I knew it changed, for the better. The next three days were hellish but the end was amazing. Looking at my wild child today, I can hardly imagine that three years ago she started as a preemie in the NICU, now if she would take her nap, I would be really happy.