First Aid for Burns

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Peas burned herself the night before last.  On the vacuum.

I sucked up something she wanted and she proceeded to take the vacuum apart to get it back.  Trouble is-- it was hot.  She got a 2nd degree burn on her left palm- which by the rule of 9's is less than 1% of her total body surface area- therefore not that bad (but in my opinion- burns are bad).  We are supposed to see a burn specialist to make sure it heals well though. 

Peas is a trooper.  She could teach me a thing or two (maybe 10) about being determined and despite her owie she has not slowed down at all. 

So if you (or your kid) burns themselves with something hot (a thermal burn)

- cool water (not ice) cool water can halt the burning process- in addition to being a pain reliever it can help save tissue. After 2 hours or so the tissue saving benefit is over but the pain relief is helpful.  Don't use ice directly on a burn it can further damage the tissue.

- keep it clean- this is not the time to play in the mud.  Burns are very susceptible to infection. 

- pain relief.  Burns hurt. A lot.  Don't be shy about asking for pain relief.

- cuddles.  Lots of cuddles.

- Breastmilk compresses.  Really breastmilk is a miracle.  It has all sorts of amazing stuff in it. 

I must just have "Sympathy" written on my head

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It is cold here.  Its been colder- of course- this is the Chicago area after all.  Winters are part of what we are know for.

It was night.  I was loading the groceries into the back of my minivan (if that doesn't scream mom with kids-- nothing does) and a gentleman and a boy (maybe 3 years old) came up to me.  They said they missed their bus and did not have enough money to get something to eat (it was dinner time) and pay for the bus on the way home.

I never have cash.  Like never.  So I felt so bad.  Even worse that it was frigid, dark, and this poor kid was out in it.  I know what it is like to have a kid to entertain for a while-  it would suck to have to swallow your pride and ask for help.

The little boy was eying some of the treats I just put in my trunk.  So I did what any mama would do- and gave them to him.  Picture this-- it was 3 degrees outside- we were standing in the parking lot of a grocery store freezing.  The little boy was eying some cookies.  I take them out and ask if he is allergic to gluten, peanuts, or dairy the dad said he was not allergic so I gave him the cookies--

In this exchange I noticed that the child had no hat- so I did what any mama would do- gave him one of my kids hats left in the car and gloves.

I wish I had carried some money or something.  I had to stop myself from inviting them back to our home for pizza.

On the way home- I let down more milk than I previously knew I could.  That is apparently my boob's solution to the problem: cold? hungry? tired? want some milk?!!? Boobs make everything better.

When you lose it

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Face it.  Kids can be frustrating and overwhelming.  I get overwhelmed, frustrated, and irritated.  Its life.

I try not to lose my patience with my kids, but honestly- it is hard.  It is really hard.  There are 5 of them 1 of me, 2 dogs, and 2 cats.  I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

And therein lies the problem.  I am not fighting anything unless I choose to. Nothing really needs to be a fight.

But like all plans- they go awry and sometimes I end up yelling.  So what then?  I want to be a peaceful parent who utilizes non-violent communication.  That sense of failure makes me even more mad and frustrated- which begins a frustration spiral and basically becomes a big mess.

So what gives?

a)  try not to lose your patience,sometimes I end up having a glass of water or walking up and down the driveway to calm myself down until I can address the issue.

b) figure out exactly what is frustrating you.  Is it that the kids are being loud?   Work on addressing the core issue.

c) if you yell- and you very well may.  Apologize.  Humbling yourself in front of your kids teaches them a valuable lesson.  It teaches them that grownups are not perfect, that they are worthy respect, and that grownups care about them

So don't despair if you end up yelling.  Try again.  

it started with a crash and ended with a bang...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All I wanted was the tea.

You know the feeling.. in bed, warm, cozy, sleeping restfully.... to be roused by an elbow to the ear.

I staggered downstairs in the clothes I was wearing the previous night-- because changing into pjs would have been too much effort. Flip the kitchen light on (because it is still dark outside), open the cabinet for tea and the door fell off and cracked me in the head.  Crap.

In this choose your own adventure story there are 2 basic options that presented themselves to me.  I could lose it (very viable) or I could grab some frozen peas and head back to bed and try again latter.

The later option made most sense.  If I lost it-  I'd wake up the kids.  Not all of them are morning people.  Then I would have tired crabby kids AND a headache.

So, I put the cabinet door on the counter and toddled off to bed.

The day continues. The normal challenges arise. Poop in the closet (that is a fun story--- totally awesome parenting classics there), and laundry.

For a while now our washer had been having a noise issue.  Its 7 years old.. but it gets used a ton-- how the girls can generate 3/5 of the laundry is beyond me... but still.  December 23rd you see, we had a dryer fire, so my laundry senses are/were a bit frazzled.  However, the washer died.  It needs new bearings- again.  To repair it would cost as much as to replace it.... so we had to buy an new washer.  Nothing like a little pressure to motivate you.

With essentially no money- we have had to manage to purchase a washer-  which will be delivered tomorrow.  That poor washer.  It will have a a big job to do to catch me up on my washing.

So the day was long.  It was tiring.  But we made it.

hey it is my birthday!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

They day when I celebrate managing not to die in the previous year- despite my best efforts.

What better way to celebrate not dying than getting sick- no brainer huh? So that is exactly what I did .  I got sick.

Because of my asthma, anything I get goes and sets up shop in my lungs- it must be very cozy in there.

A couple of things though.  Asthma stinks.  Being sick on your birthday super stinks.  I had (and still have) like no energy. 

What is awesome? My mom coming down.  I always forget how amazing moms are.  No matter how old I get, I still want my mom.

Also awesome- a letter Princess wrote me.  I will treasure it for ever.  She is this incredible kid that I just cannot believe was given to me- she is just the most remarkable person ever and I get to raise her. How cool is that?

Again with the awesome- how excited my kid were to help me blow out the candles on my cake that they helped make.  It is so great to feel so loved.  I have no idea what I did to earn such fabulous kids. 

Pixie was so sad that she did not get to help blow out the candles we re-lit them and let her have a turn.  She was just thrilled to help me. 

Stinky must have told me a dozen times today happy birthday and how happy he is that I am his mama- each time with equal enthusiasm. I am the lucky one.

Peas was so excited to help make my cake, it is humbling to have someone so excited just to celebrate you. 

LittleDude always makes me smile.  How could he not?  The pure joy that he has is just amazing.  Watching him feed himself and being so proud is one of the best things ever.

Even more awesomeness?? One of Princess's friend's mother brought me a super sweet gift.  She is an amazing blessing and a huge inspiration to me. 

It keeps going with the awesome... watch out, my neighbor took my kids to get me a card and her kids and my kids signed it and gave me a chocolate bar.  She is one of my mom-idols.

My husband, knowing I feel like crap let me rest and was so kind to me. 

My mom dealt with dinner and helped my kids make a cake-- and on top of it got me a really awesome dustbuster (I really wanted one).

So virus/bacteria whatever you are--- you can try and ruin my birthday.... but you didn't. 

I am so humbled and so grateful and so amazed at all of the incredible wonderful people in my life. 

Just Breathe

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good advice.  Accept when you can't then you want scream-- but again, you can't.

That really stinks you know.  You can't breathe in because you can't breathe out.  Lungs feel like they are burning, itching.  Feeling trapped.

I am asthmatic.  Usually, it is no big deal.  I manage it. Actively. But when I get a cold it goes and lives in my lungs for what may as well be a year. 

Breathing helps.  It is especially important for exercising and parenting.

Last night was pole.  I didn't feel sick- my lungs were a little twitchy but not bad. 

Over night I got up several times unable to breathe.  Now I kind of have it down.  My kids can sleep through the hum of a nebulizer. I can set up a neb in darkness.  So, I'll sit overnight browsing the web inhaling the mist and exhaling the mist.  "Stay calm, in for 2 out for 2" I mentally tell myself.  Breathing will get easier.

Calmly, my husband rolls over and asks, half awake: "you okay, babe?"
"Yep" I say, "go back to sleep.  I'll let you know if I need you."

"Okay, I love you" says he.

 "I love you, too" I say.

The hum continues.  I keep breathing.  It gets easier. 

Morning comes, I face facts, time to start more aggressive medication.  Medication that makes me angry and crabby.  Medication that comes with a price.  But breathing is worth it. 

when your company does not pay.

Monday, January 7, 2013

 If you know me and my husband you know what he needs to work 2 jobs to support our family- no we do not live extravagantly by ANY means.

Frankly, daycare for 5 kids makes me working out of reach for us because his fire schedule is so crazy we would have to maintain full time daycare.

Here is the situation:  he is a 1099 employee of a company based out of state.  He has not been paid for his work for this company for November or December and now part of January.  The owner of said company has also not returned emails or calls recently.

My thinking- screw him.  Write a strongly worded letter demanding payment and if nothing comes of it file suit.

His thinking--- well he is working for them right now (which irks me beyond belief)

What say you blog readers?  What do we do?

and then the dog got hit by a car

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I keep seeing the scene in my head.  Our dog, Aurora- a Siberian Husky, coming back across the road.  A silver car went around my car (my car had its hazards on- pulled over).  The awful thunk as the car struck the dog.  My stomach plummeting.  The desperate wail from Princess (my 8 ear old).

The *thunk* keeps replaying in my head.  It is an awful sound. Hollow. Lonely.

Aurora three legged hopped to back to the side of the road.

We had a previous husky- Ali who died after being hit by a car on that same road.

Aurora was luckier.  Only her back end was hit.  The driver stopped.  What do you do when you hit a dog and the owner is right there?  What I am supposed to say to the driver? What should I do? What should he do? Emily Post does not cover this.

Aurora seemed okay, saver for her back leg, Princess was distraught.

We put the dog in the car and brought her to the vet.

By some miracle she only had a dislocated hip and a few lacerations.

The vets office took her back right away. We heard her yelp.  I cried. Maybe she was not as okay as I thought.

Soon, the vet came in.  Aurora yelped when she had her temperature taken, but she had to be sedated for some more work.. The gave her her sedation and brought her to us so we could pet her.  In minutes she was sleeping.

After her hip was fixed and her cuts repaired we left the vets office for home.

It had started snowing.  The darn dog wanted to play in the snow.

As seen on TV

Friday, January 4, 2013

I have never bought anything off of TV.  I don't even recall purchasing anything "As Seen On TV"

That ended yesterday.  I made my first "As Seen On Tv" purchase: The Genie Bra.  I did not buy it on TV, I bought it at Target, but still. 

Why did I buy it?  I usually pay no attention to the infomercials, and if anything kind of laugh them off, but I am at my wits end looking for a comfortable functional bra that is easy to nurse in and does not cost an arm and a leg.  To complicate matters further one breast is significantly larger than another making cup sizing a challenge.  In addition, I have a small band size and my cup size is in part of the alphabet Victoria does not know about.  In summary, I was desperate.

It is not like my bra of steel- but it is supportive and comfortable.  For the price I'd say I am really happy with it. 

I am not going to go out and become an "As Seen On TV"  junkie but I am pretty happy with this bra. 


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My kids are naturally generous.  They love to help others.  They love to serve-- most of the time.  A big part of what we do involves giving to others.

That may mean we buy gifts for the less fortunate, participate in food drives, we donate old clothes and buy things from fair trade companies etc.

They are all about sharing with others less fortunate- but if Peas wants to play with Pixie's Dora doll-- watch out- Pixie is quick. 

It is not limited to those two either. In general sharing is fun for them, as long as it is not with each other. 

They love to share with me... they love to bring me things and make me presents- there is nothing sweeter than an avocado wrapped in a towel presented on a pillow to me- as if a priceless gift- but the only thing they can share with each other is germs!  Why is that?

Heck when Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast my girls wanted to donate all their American Girl Dolls, but let their sisters play with them? NEVER!