it started with a crash and ended with a bang...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All I wanted was the tea.

You know the feeling.. in bed, warm, cozy, sleeping restfully.... to be roused by an elbow to the ear.

I staggered downstairs in the clothes I was wearing the previous night-- because changing into pjs would have been too much effort. Flip the kitchen light on (because it is still dark outside), open the cabinet for tea and the door fell off and cracked me in the head.  Crap.

In this choose your own adventure story there are 2 basic options that presented themselves to me.  I could lose it (very viable) or I could grab some frozen peas and head back to bed and try again latter.

The later option made most sense.  If I lost it-  I'd wake up the kids.  Not all of them are morning people.  Then I would have tired crabby kids AND a headache.

So, I put the cabinet door on the counter and toddled off to bed.

The day continues. The normal challenges arise. Poop in the closet (that is a fun story--- totally awesome parenting classics there), and laundry.

For a while now our washer had been having a noise issue.  Its 7 years old.. but it gets used a ton-- how the girls can generate 3/5 of the laundry is beyond me... but still.  December 23rd you see, we had a dryer fire, so my laundry senses are/were a bit frazzled.  However, the washer died.  It needs new bearings- again.  To repair it would cost as much as to replace it.... so we had to buy an new washer.  Nothing like a little pressure to motivate you.

With essentially no money- we have had to manage to purchase a washer-  which will be delivered tomorrow.  That poor washer.  It will have a a big job to do to catch me up on my washing.

So the day was long.  It was tiring.  But we made it.


Tess said...

It's always nice to get a new appliance. I hope this one gives you lots of years of use!

Chasing Joy said...

That is a rough way to start the day. I think you made the right choice to not lose it.

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