Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My kids are naturally generous.  They love to help others.  They love to serve-- most of the time.  A big part of what we do involves giving to others.

That may mean we buy gifts for the less fortunate, participate in food drives, we donate old clothes and buy things from fair trade companies etc.

They are all about sharing with others less fortunate- but if Peas wants to play with Pixie's Dora doll-- watch out- Pixie is quick. 

It is not limited to those two either. In general sharing is fun for them, as long as it is not with each other. 

They love to share with me... they love to bring me things and make me presents- there is nothing sweeter than an avocado wrapped in a towel presented on a pillow to me- as if a priceless gift- but the only thing they can share with each other is germs!  Why is that?

Heck when Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast my girls wanted to donate all their American Girl Dolls, but let their sisters play with them? NEVER!


Sue said...

found you from SITS

Such is kids I guess, especially sisters. it was me and 2 sisters growing up, and the older two never got along growing up - lol

Happy New year!

Maricris said...

It's great that your children are learning compassion and charity this early. Happy New Year! Great to find your blog!

Ashley Cruz said...

How sweet are they. You sound like a great mom! Saying hi from SITS :)

Sadie Ussery said...

My 5 girls are the same way! They will share with anyone but their sisters! :) Found you on SITS today!

Just Me said...

I am glad to know it is not just my kids who opt to share with anyone but siblings! :)

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