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Friday, January 4, 2013

I have never bought anything off of TV.  I don't even recall purchasing anything "As Seen On TV"

That ended yesterday.  I made my first "As Seen On Tv" purchase: The Genie Bra.  I did not buy it on TV, I bought it at Target, but still. 

Why did I buy it?  I usually pay no attention to the infomercials, and if anything kind of laugh them off, but I am at my wits end looking for a comfortable functional bra that is easy to nurse in and does not cost an arm and a leg.  To complicate matters further one breast is significantly larger than another making cup sizing a challenge.  In addition, I have a small band size and my cup size is in part of the alphabet Victoria does not know about.  In summary, I was desperate.

It is not like my bra of steel- but it is supportive and comfortable.  For the price I'd say I am really happy with it. 

I am not going to go out and become an "As Seen On TV"  junkie but I am pretty happy with this bra. 


Kristiina said...

I actually own and LOVE the genie bra. I also have a really small back and VS makes bra's in my size but not many. I just wish they had more colors and less lace trim but the fit, amazing.

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