Asthma and Allergies

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It is late summer here. Late summer early fall I the absolute worse for my allergies and asthma. I am an itchy, drippy, wheezy, sneezy mess. For as long as I can remember I have really really had a hard time with ragweed- it is the bane of my breathing.

Despite using nearly every allergy medication on the planet it is still a pretty rotten time. I know people who extoll the benefits of using Raw Honey for curing seasonal allergies- and more power to them, but severe asthma attacks are not the same as a runny nose and watery eyes.
My allergist recommended I consider getting an air purifier for at least my bedroom, so when I am sleeping (and cortisol levels are low- making asthma issues more likely) there will not be as many allergens floating around in the air.

I did it.

It was expensive but so are hospital stays.
But it is has been 7 months since I was in the hospital last for asthma. So far, my asthma has been remarkably controlled this season, despite record high mold and pollen counts.

Ideals, Ethic. Morals. Parenting

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What do you do when your ideals and ethics contrast drastically with your parenting partner's?

My husband is a Boy Scout, in fact he received his Eagle Scout. Go him.

Problem. I am massively, drastically, and emphatically opposed to discrimination. The Boy Scouts of America have chosen a very unfortunate stance that embraces discrimination.

What am I to do when my husband who truly loves scouting and what it has taught him (no he is not a homophobic asshole) wants to have Stinky involved in this organization?

Should I put my foot down and refuse?
Sew a rainbow patch on his shirt?
Picket his pack meetings?

I realize that Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts are a "Family Oriented"activity. But really families come in so many different forms. Shouldn't our primary goal be about teaching acceptance and love?

Family may or may not be blood related. It may or may not come with a legal marriage certificate. What is does come with is love.

I have a dirty dirty mind.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The last couple of weeks have mostly been a blur of hospitals, blood, and pain medication.

Somewhere in that my daughter, Pixie, was laying next to me and watching Dora (one of the most annoying children's shows which for some reason makes kids love it that much more).

Dora needed her map. So she instructs all viewers to say "Map" not once..several times.. and louder. Sooooooo do you see where this is going?

I must still have 50 Shades on my mind because it went somewhere that has forever changed the way I see "Map".

Something along the lines of "Say my name.... louder" and not in a child friendly situation. I'll just go ahead and blame the drugs for that one.

Family Time

Friday, August 17, 2012

We are very lucky. 

My husband's family loves my kids.  One of the kids aunts is super amazing and takes Princess for girl time.  Princess needs that desperately.  Time when she gets to be the star- where the attention is on her. 

Of course my in-laws and I have differences.  We are from different families- different families do things differently- that does not change the fact that I appreciate how much they love my kids or how much my kids love them.

How the other half lives

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Most of the time I am really content with my life. Every once in a while I get sucked onto a trap though.

My family is larger than average.

Every month though- despite living modestly- we end up scraping by- we look at the bills and the income and think, "well this is going to be fun...."

What would it be like to not worry? What would it be like to not have to utter a quick prayer that we manage?

Then I remember- so maybe we are financially tight- and that can be stressful. But we have each other. We have so much to be very thankful for.

Life's a Beach

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Now that I am feeling better, finally, we can enjoy the summer- what is left of it at least.

I am supposed to be taking it easy and letting things heal- but sometimes- we need to do something fun.  Especially, after being cooped up for so long.

My sister and her kids and I met at Foster Beach in the city. I was really nervous about this trek.  I do not like driving in the city and it is quite a ways, in addition to the 5 kids beach thing. 

However. It was fantastic.  I am so so glad we did it. We left early. Missed most traffic, got a great parking spot and had a wonderful time.

I had never been to Foster Beach before- it is a huge, and beautiful beach.  The water was really wavy today- which apparently is somewhat unusual- but the kids had such a great time.  I can't even describe how amazing it was.

My kids were thrilled to see their cousins and played so nicely. 

Pixie made sand angels.  They built castles, played ball and were truly enjoying being kids.  I can't wait to take them back.  I am so so thankful that my sister and I are getting closer, that our kids get along, and that we have the ability to get together and enjoy our area.

Life Threatening Anemia

Sunday, August 5, 2012

On July 10 I had an endopylotomy.-  yet another surgery to correct my kidney issue.  Another stent.

From the recovery room things were different.  It hurt.  Usually in recovery I was fairly comfortable, this time I was hurting.

When I got home it still hurt.  The pain was not anything that I could handle. Stents are almost by definition uncomfortable- this was exceptional, and the bleeding it was unreal.

I became very pale, very tired, and did not feel well at all.  Eventually, I went to the ER. My hemoglobin was below 6.  The doc and nurse came in and in a very no nonsense way, "you have anemia that is life threatening, you need to be transfused and admitted"

Well then, I had no idea. 

All of a sudden things happened fast.  I was taken upstairs blood was hung.  One unit, then a second, then a third.  All the while i was still bleeding in my kidney. Over the next few days I had almost my entire blood volume replaced.

Please please donate blood.  You never know when you may need it, and when you need it, its nice to have. 

When I went to the hospital I did not expect this.


Friday, August 3, 2012

When my parents built their home on Lake Michigan they were given personalized address plaque. I looked forward to the day that I could have one for my house.

Now, okay- for a while, I have lived in this house and I can finally order my own custom address plaque. Of course, I am torn. Should I put our last name on it? A "date established"? Just the address?

Of course there are a ton of residential address plaques to choose from and this is not helping my indecisiveness. HELP!!!

This is what I ended up with.

5 reasons to give blood

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Please Please Please give blood. I have spent the past few days receiving blood. My kidney stent was causing me to loose a lot of blood that put me in a dangerous situation. Thanks to some generous people quite literally giving themselves, I am okay.

1. You don't have to die. Almost everyone I talk to is an Organ Donor, and you have to actually die (usually) to give your organs, blood... all you need is a few hours.  However, not many people give blood. 
2. It is almost painless, one needle stick. Just one.
3. You get some yummy treats- after you give blood you get to have some great treats- and a good excuse to indulge.
4. You will be a hero. Literally. Blood donors save lives.
5. It is one way to give that doesn't cost a thing.

For obvious reasons I can't give blood right now. But I will again as soon as am I am able. Please give blood, you never know when you- or a loved one will need it. I certainly did not expect to need blood this week, but I did. I am so thankful it was available for me.