5 reasons to give blood

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Please Please Please give blood. I have spent the past few days receiving blood. My kidney stent was causing me to loose a lot of blood that put me in a dangerous situation. Thanks to some generous people quite literally giving themselves, I am okay.

1. You don't have to die. Almost everyone I talk to is an Organ Donor, and you have to actually die (usually) to give your organs, blood... all you need is a few hours.  However, not many people give blood. 
2. It is almost painless, one needle stick. Just one.
3. You get some yummy treats- after you give blood you get to have some great treats- and a good excuse to indulge.
4. You will be a hero. Literally. Blood donors save lives.
5. It is one way to give that doesn't cost a thing.

For obvious reasons I can't give blood right now. But I will again as soon as am I am able. Please give blood, you never know when you- or a loved one will need it. I certainly did not expect to need blood this week, but I did. I am so thankful it was available for me.


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