Pixie Gets Air

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We love the outside in our house, summer, winter, fall, or spring- someone is outside.

Peas and I were cleaning and we looked out the window, it was snowing such big flakes it was as if snowballs were falling from the sky.  Peas said we HAD to go out and play.  So we did.  LittleDude thankfully is quite the trooper and fits in well with our love of the outdoors.

I had a doctors appointment in the city so after driving downtown and back for that, we ate dinner and then went sledding. 

Some kids had built a snow 'jump' on the hill-- basically a pile of snow to sled up and fly off of.  Princess and Stinky of course did it and loved it.  Peas preferred to go down the hill super fast- spinning.  Pixie decided she want to try the jump.

Pixie is no shrinking violet, but I did not think she would like it, it looked very jarring- but what the heck.  She did it, and she loved it.  She got quite a bit of air.  I was really surprised!

Somehow she managed to hold on to the sled and go down the rest of the hill- something that took the big kids a few tries to do.  When she slid to a stop she popped off the sled jumped up and down and screamed so everyone could hear her- she did it herself- then jumped some more and ran in a circle and up the hill to do it again.  and again. and again.  When we needed to go home she said no and ran the other way.  It really is quite a pity she has no fun (sarcasm).

How to parent when dealing with pain

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I don't know if you have missed me.  But I have missed writing.

Pain has been back in a big way.  My kidney has been causing me severe pain.

Last Thursday it was at its peak for me and I went to the ER.  I ended up having emergency surgery to relieve the pressure in my kidney.  A stent was put in and antibiotics started.  I hoped the antibiotics and the stent would set me right again.

It didn't work.  My pain level skyrocketed.  My normal routine of pain meds were not touching my pain, with all of the pain my kids were getting the really short end of the stick in a crabby tired mommy who had no energy for anything.  Things that I would normally laugh at sent me into a rage. It was unfair for them and depressing for me.

My stent was removed yesterday, as it had become occluded and prevented my kidney from draining.  But the pain continued, worsened even.  Enough pain that I again considered the ER- in the end I sat in a tub of hot water and practiced breathing techniques. 

This morning the pain is much better, not gone but good enough I felt like I could move without screaming.  We even went outside!

Which brings me to managing to parent when you are in serious pain.  It stinks but it is a fact of life for so many of us. 

Parenting is hard enough.  Adding pain or illness too it just ups the difficulty level by a factor of 100.
It is not all bad though.  Kids can learn that we need to work as a team, that empathy is important, and that parents make mistakes too.

I run out of patience so much faster when in pain.  I know I have said things I do not mean to my children when I hurt.  It doesn't take back what I said but I apologize to them- they at least can understand that I am admitting I was wrong and I am sorry I hurt their feelings.

Children can be very caring individuals.  They want to make their friends and family feel better.  My kids make up some wonderful songs to cheer me up and draw amazing pictures.  Let them be a part of helping you feel better- even if it is matching socks- it is one less thing for you to do.

Teamwork is an important life lesson to learn in general.  In our family we all work together.  If we are working against each other nothing would ever get done.  By working together and helping each other we can do more that we could imagine. 

first crushes

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Princess has a crush.  I am fortunate enough that she has let me in on this little secret.  I will respect her privacy and not tell who it is on.

I cannot believe that this is where she is at already.  That she has gone from diapers to first crushes.  It makes my stomach get all fluttery.

My first thought was, "Oh Sh*t!!!! Already??" then a while later (like hours) after I had been stewing over my sweet innocent child- I realized that I was 8 when I had my first crush too.

I would have died rather than tell my parents- so I hope her telling me-- willingly is a sign of an open, trusting, and honest relationship with her.

This is unnerving territory for me.  I am not sure how to navigate these waters.  What I do know, is that I love her, I respect her, I will not shame or humiliate her.  She is a smart, brave, courageous, authentic, amazing girl. 

Shingles-- not just for the roof

I had always assumed Shingles was something of an older persons malady.  Hahahahaha no.

That was until I noticed a few bumps on my back one night in the bath.  I assumed another allergic reaction, I am allergic to everything.

Next day the bumps hurt.  A lot. I also felt like crap.  No- I did not connect them.

Another day passes.  More bumps and a strange pain.  I took a picture emailed it to my doctor-- best idea ever, seriously.  and I have Shingles- he puts me on HERPES medicine.  I know that Shingles and Chicken Pox are all Herpes viruses it is just really embarrassing to get my script for herpes meds filled at the local Walgreen's.

They hurt.  A lot. Not cool.

Pixie gets stitches

Monday, February 11, 2013

In this episode of "What on Earth is going to go wrong next" Pixie gets stitches.

My kids are active players.  Pixie got a mini trampoline just so she can get her fill of bouncing in.  The child loves to bounce...and run..

Which is how this story begins.  Pixie was playing dress up with Peas.  They were being princesses-- warrior princesses to be exact and there was some kerfuffle involving a polar bear and a kite (I have no idea... they have great imaginations).  Pixie came tearing around the corner into the dining room and *thwack* right into the table.  Just above her right eye.  There was blood everywhere.

*crap*  I yelled for Husband- tried to detach LittleDude who was enjoying a milky delicious snack and went to put him down. Pretty quickly it was apparent that she would need to be sewn back together- dermabond would not cut it for this cut (see what I did there???).

OF course it was right when I needed to get the big kids.  Thank Heavens a neighbor could get them and keep them until we got back.

Peas new we were serious when we told her to get dressed right away so we could go to the doctor.

While we were driving I held pressure on Pixie's head and Peas prayed- if you have never heard a 4 year old's earnest prayers- you should they are the best.

Pixie was amazingly brave and wanted her big sister to hold her hand.  She did not fuss or cry at all when she was sewn up.

Pixie's Guys

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pixie is silly and funny and a ball of laughs.  She has opinions. She knows what she wants.

Last night it was raining, snowing, icing-- you know a normal Chicago area winter night-- and I had to go to CVS.  As driving in that type of weather is hell, I decided to walk.  So some kids decided to come with me.

Princess her friend- we we love like another child- and Pixie.

We got started and Pixie was sad that she couldn't run like the bigger girls.  She stopped and in tears cried, "wait guys!!!" then looked up at me and said "My guys!!! My Guys!" I called ahead told the girls that Pixie wanted to keep up with them and being the great kids they are came back and let her keep up with them (have I mentioned that they are pretty cool kids?)

Pixie calls her friends her "guys"- the phrasing that kids use is so much fun.

Giveaway!!! Amazon Card

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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pinata malfunction

Pinatas have been around for a while... we'll say what 500 years?? (yes I Googled it).

Despite this LONG history- they do not seem to work right- ever.

I, in a rare moment of forethought, decided to get the kind of pinata that the kids pull strings from the bottom and in theory- one of the strings releases the contents of the pinata all over the floor.

It did not seem like a good idea to have a bunch of kids swinging a stick in the house with a lot of people over.  It seemed to be inviting catastrophe.

Well- it didn't work.  One little girl decided that she would cut out the middle man and pull a handful of strings, she is all about efficiency. NOTHING happened.  We adults waited on baited breath for the final ribbons to be pulled, expecting at any moment a payload of treats to come crashing down.  We were disappointed- the last ribbon was pulled and nothing happened.

So I had to tear open the pinata and shake the contents on the crowd of children who, were not that much shorter than I am-- in fact one of them... a 12 year old is taller than am.

There are a couple of problems with the candy pouring into a heap of kids- somehow at least one child gets hurt by the candy falling on him or her-- and--- the smallest kid can sometimes stampeded by excited older kids. 

"oh my you've got your hands full!"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Any time I take my kids somewhere I get this.

"Wow.  Your hands are full!"  or
"Are they all yours?" or
"Do you know how this happens?" or
"Are you done yet?" or
"Are you crazy?"

Yes, my hands are full.  But so is my heart.  I have 5 kids.  5.  One whole handful.  One amazing group of kids. I am thankful for every.single.one of them.  Each of them is a blessing.

But you see-- my hands are full- but my heart is more full.  My kids are so loving and so joyful (most of the time- everyone has their days).  I cannot imagine life without all of them.  They are my heart.

Yes. They are all mine--well kind of.  And my husband's.  And our families (family not being limited to relatives- family meaning everyone who we love and who loves us-- which is A LOT more than blood relatives), they are also G-d's children. He for some reason- that I may never understand fully blessed me with these 5 great kids- He entrusted them to me- I don't know why- but He did.

Yes. I know how it happens. I was a Biological Sciences major in college-- got this one down.

Meh. If it happens it happens.  Truth be told- I was not expecting any of my kids.  They were all amazing surprises and great blessings.

Sure, I'm crazy.  We all are crazy in our own way.  Crazy keeps things interesting.

Kids and Dogs

Friday, February 1, 2013

In our house we have 5 kids.  We also have 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Our dogs are pretty big as far as dogs go- we have a 70 Lb Golden Doodle and a 60 lb Siberian Husky.

They may be big but they are gentle giants.

Little dude can and does climb all over them or recline on them.  The girls do fur/hair styling and lead them around.

The dogs are great for cuddles and comforting when they are sick.

The kids have been taught to listen to what the dogs are saying in dog language. If they want to be petted or play- or be left alone.

My kids have the best friends in the world in their dogs.

Aurora, the Siberian Husky- aka a White Fang- adopted LittleDude as her baby as soon as he came home.  She loves him and he loves her. 

The affection and adoration that they share is so adorable.

Our Golden Doodle- Charlie loves the kids as well.  He cuddles the kids- they love him climb on him.  Heck they stand on him as a stool. 

Kids and dogs share a unique and precious love.  Their relationship is pretty awesome.