Pixie's Guys

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pixie is silly and funny and a ball of laughs.  She has opinions. She knows what she wants.

Last night it was raining, snowing, icing-- you know a normal Chicago area winter night-- and I had to go to CVS.  As driving in that type of weather is hell, I decided to walk.  So some kids decided to come with me.

Princess her friend- we we love like another child- and Pixie.

We got started and Pixie was sad that she couldn't run like the bigger girls.  She stopped and in tears cried, "wait guys!!!" then looked up at me and said "My guys!!! My Guys!" I called ahead told the girls that Pixie wanted to keep up with them and being the great kids they are came back and let her keep up with them (have I mentioned that they are pretty cool kids?)

Pixie calls her friends her "guys"- the phrasing that kids use is so much fun.


Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel said...

Cute story!

Thank you for coming by on my SITS day. Great to 'meet' you!


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