Pixie Gets Air

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We love the outside in our house, summer, winter, fall, or spring- someone is outside.

Peas and I were cleaning and we looked out the window, it was snowing such big flakes it was as if snowballs were falling from the sky.  Peas said we HAD to go out and play.  So we did.  LittleDude thankfully is quite the trooper and fits in well with our love of the outdoors.

I had a doctors appointment in the city so after driving downtown and back for that, we ate dinner and then went sledding. 

Some kids had built a snow 'jump' on the hill-- basically a pile of snow to sled up and fly off of.  Princess and Stinky of course did it and loved it.  Peas preferred to go down the hill super fast- spinning.  Pixie decided she want to try the jump.

Pixie is no shrinking violet, but I did not think she would like it, it looked very jarring- but what the heck.  She did it, and she loved it.  She got quite a bit of air.  I was really surprised!

Somehow she managed to hold on to the sled and go down the rest of the hill- something that took the big kids a few tries to do.  When she slid to a stop she popped off the sled jumped up and down and screamed so everyone could hear her- she did it herself- then jumped some more and ran in a circle and up the hill to do it again.  and again. and again.  When we needed to go home she said no and ran the other way.  It really is quite a pity she has no fun (sarcasm).


Julie Moore said...

Sounds like you had a blast! :)

Thanks for stopping by Natural and Free on my SITS Day, too! I appreciate it! :)

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