Pixie gets stitches

Monday, February 11, 2013

In this episode of "What on Earth is going to go wrong next" Pixie gets stitches.

My kids are active players.  Pixie got a mini trampoline just so she can get her fill of bouncing in.  The child loves to bounce...and run..

Which is how this story begins.  Pixie was playing dress up with Peas.  They were being princesses-- warrior princesses to be exact and there was some kerfuffle involving a polar bear and a kite (I have no idea... they have great imaginations).  Pixie came tearing around the corner into the dining room and *thwack* right into the table.  Just above her right eye.  There was blood everywhere.

*crap*  I yelled for Husband- tried to detach LittleDude who was enjoying a milky delicious snack and went to put him down. Pretty quickly it was apparent that she would need to be sewn back together- dermabond would not cut it for this cut (see what I did there???).

OF course it was right when I needed to get the big kids.  Thank Heavens a neighbor could get them and keep them until we got back.

Peas new we were serious when we told her to get dressed right away so we could go to the doctor.

While we were driving I held pressure on Pixie's head and Peas prayed- if you have never heard a 4 year old's earnest prayers- you should they are the best.

Pixie was amazingly brave and wanted her big sister to hold her hand.  She did not fuss or cry at all when she was sewn up.


Nessa said...

I'm also someone who got stitches to head around that age. I remember the horror on my mother's face when it happened - ironically, by hitting my head on a hospital door when my mother just gave birth to my siblings. Injuries that need stitches are scary for everyone. I'm glad she was really brave about it. That must've made it easier on you. I hope she heals up nice and quick.

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