About Me-- and info for PR people


Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me.

I am a mom of five kids. I did not intend for my life to end up this way- but it did- and I am really content and happy in the place I am now- but it was one heck of a journey.

If you know me well- you'll know that I made a heck of a lot of mistakes in my life that I am still learning from and would love a chance to do so many things over.

Seeing as that is not possible, I am trying to raise my children in a loving, accepting, judgment free home. I am also trying to learn about myself because through the years my 'self' got lost.

This blog is mostly about the misadventures and crazy things that happen trying to raise four children almost single-handedly.

Please feel free to email me at almostsinglemom@makingitfun.net

I am PR friendly- to a point. I love to share new info and ideas with my readers, but I am pretty selective in the products or services to use. Please contact me at almostsinglemom@makingitfun.net I look forward to hearing from you!