B would have been proud

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last night was our neighborhood block party.

Apparently these are a rarity these days- I remember them from my childhood looking forward to them especially because I could play in the street without getting yelled at.

So last night was our neighborhoods. This is one of the things that I love about where we live. Our neighbors. They are truly fantastic people. I am blessed to count my neighbors as friends (as an aside maybe that is part of what is 'wrong' with society that no one knows their neighbors-but that is another post).

On our block they get a moon jump for the kids to play in and exhaust themselves. This is the main attraction for the 12 and under set. How they can jump so long I do not understand my legs get all jelly like just thinking about it. The grown up version of the moon jump is the keg- yes we get a keg for the party.

Every attending family brings a dish to share and meat to grill, a few grills are pulled out front, bikes and outside toys are put out and the 'party' begins.

Parents try and corral their kids to sit for a few minutes to eat this was unsuccessful for this parent- my kids mostly grazed on the fruit and chips that were out and had no interest in hot dogs or hamburgers. As the sun set it got decidedly cold! August in Chicago is supposed to be sweltering not sweater weather...soon a fire pit also made its way into the front.

This is where B would have been proud. The neighborhood men (who had assumed the job of starting the fire) were having a hard time getting it going- so like any good men decided gasoline was the answer! Gasoline! on a fire pit! Of Course Brilliant! mothers warned their kids to stay a bit back as the fire was re lit and the gas did not disappoint... in moments the pathetic fire that was had turned into a 15 ft tall bonfire that warmed the neighborhood and delighted the kids watching. My children have always loved sitting by a fire and watching it- so this was right up their alley.

All too soon it was time to take the kids in. Much to their dismay and protests of 'I NOT TIRED' and lots of very sad tears they went in and got dressed in their pjs. For not being tired they were asleep awfully fast.

The grown ups stayed out later and enjoyed some adult time- except me- I fell asleep with the kids putting them down maybe next year I will not turn into a pumpkin so early.

I remember last year

Saturday, August 29, 2009

the first taste of autumn. It is always bittersweet. Summer ending- days at the pool- slathering sunscreen- ice cream truck-sprinklers- beaches- fantastically hot weather when even I am not cold (I am always cold). The end of summer also brings sweet corn on the cob- juicy red tomatoes- lots of end of summer veggies that we have spent the summer nurturing. The end of those things for a several months is always sad. But I always associate the beginning of autumn with loss- with a sudden loss that was the first of its kind in my life. That anniversary will always be absolutely awful. This year though I am trying to remember that the beginning of autumn is also the beginning of its own exciting things. Apple picking, raspberry picking, pumpkins (pumpkin bread), school (yes I always was a nerd and loved school- I even liked the uniforms)- it also leads to Thanksgiving and all of the fun of winter.

This year summer has been kind of awful. Aside from my typical depressing thoughts the weather has been less than great. Lots of rain no real sweltering heat (which again- I love- not to say that I do not love the cool crisp mornings of autumn- or the purple dawn of winter I just prefer them in the appropriate month) kind of blah- so hopefully this autumn will be better.

Ode to kindergarten teachers.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This may be a bit premature but I am so thankful and amazed by kindergarten teachers- well teachers in general- but since kindergarten teachers are front and center in my consciousness for the moment I'll start there.

On Princess's first day of school she made a name for herself by getting wet and muddy on the playground before school even started- that takes talent. Instead of getting irritated (what I did) Miss R took it in stride and just let it roll. On 'dry run' day with the chaos of nervous kids, nervous parents, and a plethora of siblings all in a melee of confusion she again let it roll...even taking the time to great her students and take their picture- even reviewing the picture with them.

So yesterday- I arrived to pick up Princess- and to my amazement Miss R not only recognized me, remembered Princess's name but she also appeared to be clean, dry, and not in any obvious need of a drink.

When we arrived at home I went through Princess's folder like any normal over involved over committed mama busy body would and found that far from letting things just ride Miss R was already jumping into curriculum working with her class of half a million five year old children on reading.

So this struck me on the way home what an incredible responsibility all of this is. Not the parenting- but the teaching- not only the basic teaching of how to read (which completely baffles me- I do not remember learning to read- I just remember doing it) but also teaching the kids to love to learn- to be excited for knowledge- to question to- look for answers- to have intrinsic motivation and gratification- all of it seems like so much.

So thank you teachers. I could not do your job.

Us Drama? Never....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today was Princess's first day of kindergarten- yesterday was meet the teacher day- kind of a dry run.

Today it was the real deal.

Unfortunately the forecast called for clouds and rain- typical for this summer that has been completely not average. Anyway- after getting up eating breakfast and getting dressed in a painstakingly planned ensemble we set off for the one half mile trek to school. In case it started to rain I brought raincoats and an umbrella.

We made it to school quickly...a little to quickly maybe because the entrance for kindergarten is right next to the playground. Since it was raining the playground was wet (imagine that). I asked Princess to please stay off the playground lest she get wet and muddy on her first day. Did she listen? If you have been reading my blog long it should come as no surprise to you that she did not listen- in fact she headed directly to the playground. Shortly- she was wet and muddy- wet slides do that you know. Cue the tears. Cue the hysterics. I am apparently a heartless beast of a mom. I told her well then she could be wet- she chose not to listen- and now she is wet- oh well- you'll dry. Eventually with the help of a teacher I was convinced to hike home and get her a change of pants- which I did- then hiked them back. About a block away from school I was startled by the sound of a fire truck screaming by it stopped outside from her school right by the ambulance and police car.. my heart flip flopped. Of course. Thankfully it was apparently for a house across the street- I sighed relieved.

As soon as I arrived- it started to rain. Dropped off the pants then walked home in the rain with the little kids.... had a half an hour to sit before it was time to pack back up and go pick up the princess.

She pranced out to meet me. Proud of herself- thrilled that she was now an official kindergartner. We walked home in the light rain chattering a play by play of her day.

Princess is already to go again tomorrow.

High and Low

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The high point of my day was getting peed on.. yes- you read that right- that was the best part. Urine. On me. On my couch. It was all downhill from there.

In their defense I was not on my mom game either. It was one of those days when I could not hit my stride. But it seems whenever I get out of bed on the wrong side they do too! Some sort of weird cosmic conspiracy.

So why do days like this happen? When the stereo whining makes me want to slam my head in a door...when the demands make me want to throw a temper tantrum and say very petulantly "I QUIT" But I don't we get through it together. We chin up and fight on. Every so often I retreat to my room to regroup and breathe counting to various numbers in various languages or conjugating verbs to center and focus.

But we made it. Together. No matter how hard the days are no matter how frustrating it gets. I will always be there for them. Always. We will stick by each other and somehow with G-ds help come out on the other side.

(though I did put them to bed when I ran out of room to put toys that they had lost the privilege of playing with- which happened to be at an insanely early hour....)

SUPER STINKY (no not like that)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Its a bird its a plane its SUPER STINKY!

Now you get it?? Ok

Some kid have imaginary friends some have whole imaginary worlds full of fairies and princesses and the like. Stinky had super powers. I am not entirely sure what his super powers are though- invisibility, super speed, or strength... do not seem to fit.

His super powers like to answer things and decide things. They have been known to declare something not fair or a great idea. On the whole I get it. These powers are some way he can control his world- his little corner of it. It melts me to hear him say 'my super powers say......' in his little boy voice.

He is super to me though. My super little man.

Moth to a Flame

Friday, August 21, 2009

You know that adage? Who doesn't. A flame or light source is an irresistible attraction for moths and other bugs. But insects are not the only beings afflicted with irresistible temptation- so are my children.

If I sit- on the off chance I sit I am needed urgently to do SOMETHING-- ANYTHING that requires me to get up and do something for them.

If I actually sneak off to shower- alone- because often I have company in the form of an 18 month old girl- the two children that are potty trained need to potty on the toilet in the bathroom that I am using NOW. No other toilet will suffice. Even at my parents house where there are half a dozen other toilets- the on in the bathroom where I am showering is the ONLY ONE THAT WILL WORK! and if I do not get out of the shower to open the door they will (and have pee all over themselves) and then be mad at me.

If I get on the phone they need to talk to me immediately or they start disobeying or acting up or again NEEDING something IMMEDIATELY. Because you know that if they have to wait another second for that drink they will die of dehydration.

The other thing: if I wipe up the floors or mop them that room becomes a magnet. There is something in that room that they need absolutely now- the piece of lint on the floor needs to be in the garbage in the kitchen and they need to go through the dinning room to throw it out- now.
Many many times I have warned them that if they walk on the wet floor they will slip and fall- and EVERYTIME the floor is mopped or wiped they go in there and surprise surprise: they fall. Then act shocked that they fall? Really? Seriously?

Odd emotions

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I had to pack up some of the clothes from the kids. It is an emotional experience. I am enjoying watching them grow. Learn new things, experience things that are fun and challenging. I could do with out the fun of the whining and needy stages that seem to dominate toddlerhood. However with an approaching sad- depressing- and unhappy anniversary my emotions are already running high- coupled with leaving behind babyhood and little kid hood I can be a bit of emotional basket case.

Probably I will not have more children. And leaving behind the snuggling baby time and rocking is kind of sad well very sad.

I will enjoy this time for what it is. I need to learn to do that. To live in the moment to experience things as the kids do. To love to learn to embrace and enjoy.

Bees? In a FABRIC store?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday evening I decided to be active and go to the fabric store and look at some patterns and fabric.

There are some really cute patterns out these days and some adorable fabrics! I can't wait to dig into them. But that not the point.

I was in the very far back of the store browsing patterns picked one up to look at the sizes and the required things- with the intention of purchasing it- and much to my dismay was stung by a rouge wasp/yellow jacket/bee type insect.

Immediately I screamed a very high pitched wussy girly scream and dropped the pattern on the floor and discovered the offending insect was still on me. Which caused me to scream again- and I think I even said 'oh poopies' instead of some other expletive- which is surprising that I busted out with a child appropriate interjection.

During this time some other customers first looking at me like 'WTF? Crazy lady! the pattern is cute but not that cute!' realized that this was not a religious sewing experience but something a little different. Like an allergic reaction to an insect sting. So they helped me to the front of the store where I was met by an employee who must have had something up her butt because she was not kind, understanding, or even remotely personable. Seriously I was inconviencing her by getting STUNG in her store by a rouge insect- and how dare I have the audacity to have an allergic reaction to this requiring her to call an ambulance. But she did not know the address of her store. By this time I was puffy, wheezing, and kind of pissy myself. She never once offered ice for the sting or any help or accomodation. Our employee of the year was less than thrilled that she had to move the 18 inches over in fact because I was taking up space and she was having to work around me to get paying customers out of the store.

When the paramedics found the store ironically it was the same crew who picked up Stinky after his seizure. so yeah. he was hot. so the fun kept on coming. get drugs and wonderfully can breath again. Arrive at the ER. Have more drugs- all of these drugs are stimulants and steriods so aside from being a little hyper and having the inclination to start impersonating the govenor of CA (not even going to attempt spelling that) I was admitted and spent the evening watching old Law and Order reruns....trying to figure out why there was a bee in the fabric store.

Sitting here

Monday, August 17, 2009

Watching a movie. 28 days. Innocent? Or not.

Watching Sandra Bullock's character go through rehab unwillingly and having my own little flashbacks of my stint in 'rehab' right down to the therapy tool. Granted it was not drug or alcohol induced but my own drug- food- or lack there of. The addiction process is the same the dependence is the same. The overwhelming is the same. so now what?

I hated that time...it saved me.

Watching her go through the feelings that come when you look and start to try- and go back and forth as to whether or not to try. To learn to feel. To be congruent inside matching outside. The hard part is when you do not know what your inside is feeling.

Learning how to feel learning how to exist how to live. Is so scary. It reminds me again how tenuous my grip on this is- disease (I hate calling it that).

So how do I do it when I feel so empty- when I am not sure how to feel- what I am feeling aside from unhappy?

How do you learn how to expose your flaws- how to be vulnerable when you have spent so much time and so much energy not being vulnerable not being needy.

Part of me has to laugh a bit about the 'trust' exercises- yep we did those too.

It hit me again

Saturday Princess's 'school card' arrived. Which is the little postcard that has her teacher and her room assignment on it. It was a hard and confusing road to decide to send her to school- and this school. I still have my reservations but I'll see where this path leads us.

Anyway- the realization hit that B will of course not be here for the first days. No proud daddy and Princess pictures.

That is sad. Looking back- I cannot remember my dad being there for my first days- so maybe it will not be as traumatic as I making it out to be in my head.

Touch of Sun

Friday, August 14, 2009

Remember that product? It was like lemon juice or something that you could spray on your hair and have 'sun like' highlights?

My children will not be needing that. Stinky has white hair- very much like I did when I was little. Princess has the most beautiful hair ever. Maybe I'll take her to my stylist and say "I want that". Because- wow. Peas- poor Peas with such fine hair- that is so light! it is such a contrast to her tan.

Today again we were outside for the majority of the day and in the water. Shocking, I know. Well I think my poor Northern European skin has had it for the summer. I have had several less than comfortable sunburns followed by peeling (before anyone gets on me- yes I use sunblock- SPF 70) but for those of us translucent pale skinned people who's skin is not meant to be exposed to UV rays for more than 2 hours no SPF is enough.

Today did me in. After being outside and playing in the water and the sand then coming back I began to feel decidedly 'off' laying down did nothing, drinking did nothing...then I you guessed it became one with the potty. With Stinky narrating as I communed with the toilet. "Mama- you are throwing up!' (really sweatheart? I had not noticed the spew. How foolish.) Everything I do I do with an audience. Even apparently vomit. Isn't that special?

my cat needs prozac

I think.

I am not a vet- nor do I play one on tv but for all of my Google-ing all I can come up with is that she is stressed.

Calico is not the nicest of felines. She likes you or she doesn't and she prefers to be petted on her terms and only on her terms.

She is a fluffy- meaning- well she is big boned- okay okay she is fat. She was not always fat. I swear. When I rescued her she was thin- then she broke her toe, then ran away, and came back a scraggly skinny mangy thing but now she has made up for her month of deprivation and has extra padding.

Her issue now is she is scratching herself raw- in more than one area. She does not have fleas, she does not have a rash that I can see but she scratches until she is bleeding. Then it scabs over and she scratches the scab off. So far she has four areas on her head/neck that she has scratched raw.

Giving cats pills is not a pleasure in my experience and I am afraid that she would need xanax to relieve the anxiety of getting a pill shoved down her throat. That or I would need body armor.

There is something odd and counter-intuitive about giving a cat (or any animal) psychotropic medication (in my opinion). Somehow it seems that their psyches should be less complex and less messy.

What does she have to be stressed about? Hair balls? Laying in the sun?

Wanted to add some pictures from the pool

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost updates

Somehow I forgot to update about the adventure that was swimming lessons.

Only Princess and Stinky were old enough for lessons this year. Which was very sad. Peas is a fish and was always very upset that she and I had to sit poolside and watch her sister and brother play in the water. Thankfully lessons were only 30 minutes long so it was not as bad as it could be to entertain her for that period.

Stinky pretty much had private lessons. His teacher had another student in his class but the other little boy was not into swimming as much as Stinky was. He loved the attention. 30 minutes everyday when he was the center of attention- and he got to play in the pool what was not to love???

He got used to putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles and he learned to float. Towards the end he was starting to work with a kick board. For two weeks of lessons he made a lot of progress. The funniest part was how much he loved his teacher. She melted his little boy heart. He would grin so big when he would see her. He was very sad that swimming lessons were over- he was however thrilled to receive a diploma and 'graduate'.

Princess also had a great time. She improved a lot in two weeks time. Learning to swim underwater, front float, work with a kick board, and she is ever so close to a great back float (ironically I remember back floats being the bane of my swimming lesson existence too).
She just had fun. Which is fun to watch. She took so much joy in learning and having fun. The last day 'fun day' she even got to jump off the diving board. This was something that would have terrified her two weeks earlier but she was so brave and into the deep water she went.

I figured it out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There are times- well frequently have times that the children listen to what I say then they do the exact opposite- or something equally as insane. So I have no idea why they do not listen or pretend to listen!

Until today- when it finally hit me- like a ton of bricks- or shoes. When I wanted the kids to put their shoes on so we could go run errands and you guessed it they didn't. They scattered but somehow 'please put your shoes on' translates to 'go and do something else on the opposite end of the house.' Which leads me to my recent revelation. They must speak a different language than English. What they speak I have not figured out yet as soon as I do I will order the Rosetta Stone cd of it so I can communicate in child more efficiently.

an IKEA emergency

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A lot of my furniture is Ikea. No I am not ashamed to admit it. I am a sucker for their environmentally conscious values, family friendly atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Where else can you go and 'kid check' your kid eat actually good food that is not all preservative laden while you pick up new dishes for $30??

Well a few years ago during one of my moves my bed broke. It is screwed together now but I would like to replace it. The thing with my Ikea stuff is I can stand it if it dented, dinged, or destroyed and with my kids and animals things happen- a lot.

Anyway. So we went to Ikea after spending several hours in the pool. It was great. Kids ate. Checked the oldest (stinky is old enough and potty trained but they kids need to be 37 in tall- he is 35) Went back up stairs to play some trains before the shopping then the power went out. Peas and Stinky were remarkably calm- picked them up went down stairs and unchecked Princess- who was kind of royally pissed.

We had an Ikea emergency- and all survived really well.

One of the things I HATE about Ikea though is I am always so inspired to redo things in my house but I lack the time, finances, muscles, and pretty much everything else aside from the desire to do it.

Also I seem to lack a 'girl' gene that is useful for making a house more 'home' and decorating and accessorizing (this goes for clothes as well). so if any of you readers want to take pity on me offer decorating advice- or something...help!!!

It was fun, really.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Maybe if I keep telling myself that I'll believe it... really it was fun. I could have done with out the face wacking but- it could have been a lot worse.

Today we went blueberry picking with my good friends children. She got to get her hair done and I took her kids. To be honest I was really nervous about watching them for this period of time- I broke my toe the other day and it has been painful so I have been that mobile and it was a rainy day.... so my usual way of playing with the kids was out.... especially considering my three get squirmy when inside. These two kids are great though. They are genuinely sweet and I wish to heaven my kids would behave as well as that more often. They get along so nicely with my kids too. Stinky has a bit of a crush even. It was not bad- I like the way they absorb each other.

We braved the rain. Drove an hour. Got POURED on it was like the skies just opened and dumped everything on us. We were wet so so wet. I made the big kids 'ponchos' from big garbage bags. and the little ones were in a stroller and had towels...fat lot of good that did us. We had to drive to the field and that was so the opposite of fun. The bumps scared the kids to death...as the benches were slick with rain and were bouncing all over because it was a country 'trail' road would be aiming pretty high.

then we got to the picking area and proceeded to pick...blueberries are not as conducive to little kids picking as raspberries or strawberries- but we got it done while getting a rather refreshing shower or deluge. All was well until Stinky accidentally cracked Princess in the face with his metal bucket and made her bleed (at least she did not get a tooth knocked out) then if possible it rained even harder. We called it...and went back-on the bumpy trail from hell. Tears and lots of drama ensued from Princess. Stinky looked a lot more concerned than anything. We got into the shed and purchased our berries. Then the 'ponchos' were removed and the kids were soaked to the skin. Thankfully- I forgot to bring the towels in from the pool the other day and I stripped the kids down wrapped them in towels and turned up the heat.

We headed home. On to 55. Those of you unfamiliar with Chicago roadways this is a fairly effective punishment for pretty much any felony- but may at times cross the line to cruel and unusual- especially during poor weather- like today.

On this trip we go right passed a refinery that was putting out steam or smoke or something- the kids thought it was a cloud factory- I did not have the heart to correct them it was too cute.

We arrived home still damp two hours later- with lots of berries.

I could have done with out the less than amusing bumpy ride and the face whack but is was fun.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

What do you do when a friendship you have been in has turned unhealthy for you and your family? I am struggling with that. What am I supposed to say: 'Sorry I do not want you in my life you are driving me batshit insane'? I feel like it is more drama laden than needs to be. This person has changed and is someone I no longer respect or, well, like... If it were smaller differences of opinion I am ok- hey everyone has a right to their own- but when I can no longer respect the person there are issues. And I do not want to have this particular brand of crazy around my kids- Heaven knows they get enough of my crazy here- no need to confuse them.

This goes back a long time. I am not good at breaking up with ANYONE. I have done it but it was always awful. Some people can do it with grace and some people can take it with grace. I cannot do any of it. What am I supposed to do? stop returning calls and texts? write a heartfelt email? talk- talking for me doesn't work well- I either become to passive or I get to aggressive; I lack a medium assertive setting.

Peas's New Car!

She is 17 months going 17 years! She got her first new car! Okay, Okay- I confess it is plastic (but come on my Honda is plastic (well a lot of it is)).

Peas is the proud- and possessive- owner of a cozy coupe. The red and yellow rubbermaid looking ones...yea- those. That was found for us courtesy of a bargain hunting friend who seriously can find pretty much anything at a steal.

She was kind enough to pick up our $5 cozy coupe for us and drop it off for Peas- and Peas bonded- immediately. It was love at first sight. She was beaming with pride at her wheels.

Now she needs to learn to share. Considering how protective teens can be over their first car- I guess it is normal for her to be rather possessive of it. Sharing with sister and brother though would be nice.

a chance for play a chance to learn

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playgroups are pretty awesome things. Kids get a chance to burn energy and learn cooperation, exercise their creativity, practice problem solving, language.....etc.

My group of friends meets at various parks and stays all day. We pack picnic lunches that turn into buffets for the kids and adults to pick and share from. One woman always had awesome food (Ms.LW) seriously what she can do with rice, avacado, corn, and beans is phenomenal.

Anyway. There is no structure to these groups. The kids just play. Sure they argue but they solve it mamas intervene if necessary but it gets them outside, keeps them active, and allows us mamas to chat.

One thing I love about these groups is not only do my children learn important skills that no book could teach them, I learn too. I learn from these moms whom I greatly respect. I learn parenting techniques- I get advice on anything and everything. Watching them parent their children has made me into a better mother. Something that I am a) deeply indebted for and b) still learning. But I have learned so many fantastically effective ways for dealing with less than cooperative behavior in respectful positive ways. So moms thank you!

And now the Reunion and the Aftermath

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1, 2009 was reserved back in June for this party. There was no way to escape it. To be honest I was not too excited about going a) there is not a lot of things that I can do up there b) keeping track of the kids up there makes me nervous c) I get really nervous in groups of people... But we trekked north to WI and in the end I am really happy I did- I should not have gone in with a less than enthusiastic attitude. After an 'epic journey' filled with closed expressways and traffic we arrived in one piece. The kids beat me out of the car- as usual- off to see their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relatives (termed cousins).

The weather in IL was less than great- cold, drizzly, windy, icky- and it started like that in WI but in short order it cleared up and was pleasant- not hot- a little cool- but decidedly better than IL. Princess took off and made friends with her cousins (not entirely sure how they are related on the grande tree but today they are cousins) and played happily until they went down to the beach when she cajoled her uncle and cousins into playing in the lake with her. She only had a slightly fantastic time.

Stinky found the food- the guacamole to be specific. The boy loves 'cados'. He ate and ate then played and played. He went up the stairs from the pier to beach about 30 times carrying water- I got tired watching.

Peas made the rounds being her sweet lovely snuggly self- she also made the beach into a naked baby beach and played in the sand and water (I am a bad mama and forgot her bathing suit despite thinking about it over and over).

Soon enough it was dinner time and we feasted on Italian beef, sausage, chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, and mac and cheese.... Stinky was too busy running in circles- literally to eat that much aside from cookies- but Peas and Princess ate well.

Then cake for our cousins birthday- and what kid doesn't want cake? Stinky apparently until he saw his sister and her friends eating it then he convinced his aunt to give him an icing laden piece. Which he devoured.

Back to the beach they went for a boat ride and the biggest surprise of all. Princess and Stinky convinced Grandma and Papa to let them spend the night and the next day there! So I only had one child to contend with over night and today. So we left at 10 ish and the kids were still going strong. Hopefully they will be tired tonight!

Yet another big day

sometime it seems like we have a lot of big days. But then I look at our lives and they are remarkably dull!

Anyway I'll divide this into two parts: Pre-Family reunion and Family reunion and the aftermath.

We have a place that my family goes to breakfast regularly enough not to need to look at the menu. It is a mile or so from the house and it is one of those places that squeezes the orange juice to order. They also are not shy with portions! The kids always get Micky Mouse pancakes and I always get a veggie omelet. We were going to go there for breakfast yesterday as I have run out of pretty much all food and have not made it to the store- maybe tomorrow- but the kids needed to eat so off we went.

Yesterday was also the day that Miss Lori from PBS Kids was having a personal appearance at Whole Foods which was across the parking lot from the breakfast place. Miss Lori you understand is the kids version of U2 or Bon Jovi or some celebrity like that. So we stopped and played there for an hour or so in unseasonably freezing cold (seriously Mother Nature it is August) and spitting rain and wind just enough to make everyone even more freezing.

The kids were thrilled. Princess had a smile plastered on her face such that I am surprised her face did not stick like that and Stinky was vibrating seriously he trembles when he gets excited. Miss Lori was great. She was warm and kind and sweet! Totally awesome- and made me feel bad for my lack of patience that happens more than I would like. Did you know she liked Micheal Jackson? Well she does! How do I know this? Princess.

They had a great time singing and dancing and learning simple choreography to songs that were about being healthy and active they loved playing a "Jump Jump Jumping " game and were so so sad to leave. But not before a picture!