an IKEA emergency

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A lot of my furniture is Ikea. No I am not ashamed to admit it. I am a sucker for their environmentally conscious values, family friendly atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Where else can you go and 'kid check' your kid eat actually good food that is not all preservative laden while you pick up new dishes for $30??

Well a few years ago during one of my moves my bed broke. It is screwed together now but I would like to replace it. The thing with my Ikea stuff is I can stand it if it dented, dinged, or destroyed and with my kids and animals things happen- a lot.

Anyway. So we went to Ikea after spending several hours in the pool. It was great. Kids ate. Checked the oldest (stinky is old enough and potty trained but they kids need to be 37 in tall- he is 35) Went back up stairs to play some trains before the shopping then the power went out. Peas and Stinky were remarkably calm- picked them up went down stairs and unchecked Princess- who was kind of royally pissed.

We had an Ikea emergency- and all survived really well.

One of the things I HATE about Ikea though is I am always so inspired to redo things in my house but I lack the time, finances, muscles, and pretty much everything else aside from the desire to do it.

Also I seem to lack a 'girl' gene that is useful for making a house more 'home' and decorating and accessorizing (this goes for clothes as well). so if any of you readers want to take pity on me offer decorating advice- or!!!


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