Bees? In a FABRIC store?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday evening I decided to be active and go to the fabric store and look at some patterns and fabric.

There are some really cute patterns out these days and some adorable fabrics! I can't wait to dig into them. But that not the point.

I was in the very far back of the store browsing patterns picked one up to look at the sizes and the required things- with the intention of purchasing it- and much to my dismay was stung by a rouge wasp/yellow jacket/bee type insect.

Immediately I screamed a very high pitched wussy girly scream and dropped the pattern on the floor and discovered the offending insect was still on me. Which caused me to scream again- and I think I even said 'oh poopies' instead of some other expletive- which is surprising that I busted out with a child appropriate interjection.

During this time some other customers first looking at me like 'WTF? Crazy lady! the pattern is cute but not that cute!' realized that this was not a religious sewing experience but something a little different. Like an allergic reaction to an insect sting. So they helped me to the front of the store where I was met by an employee who must have had something up her butt because she was not kind, understanding, or even remotely personable. Seriously I was inconviencing her by getting STUNG in her store by a rouge insect- and how dare I have the audacity to have an allergic reaction to this requiring her to call an ambulance. But she did not know the address of her store. By this time I was puffy, wheezing, and kind of pissy myself. She never once offered ice for the sting or any help or accomodation. Our employee of the year was less than thrilled that she had to move the 18 inches over in fact because I was taking up space and she was having to work around me to get paying customers out of the store.

When the paramedics found the store ironically it was the same crew who picked up Stinky after his seizure. so yeah. he was hot. so the fun kept on coming. get drugs and wonderfully can breath again. Arrive at the ER. Have more drugs- all of these drugs are stimulants and steriods so aside from being a little hyper and having the inclination to start impersonating the govenor of CA (not even going to attempt spelling that) I was admitted and spent the evening watching old Law and Order reruns....trying to figure out why there was a bee in the fabric store.


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