I remember last year

Saturday, August 29, 2009

the first taste of autumn. It is always bittersweet. Summer ending- days at the pool- slathering sunscreen- ice cream truck-sprinklers- beaches- fantastically hot weather when even I am not cold (I am always cold). The end of summer also brings sweet corn on the cob- juicy red tomatoes- lots of end of summer veggies that we have spent the summer nurturing. The end of those things for a several months is always sad. But I always associate the beginning of autumn with loss- with a sudden loss that was the first of its kind in my life. That anniversary will always be absolutely awful. This year though I am trying to remember that the beginning of autumn is also the beginning of its own exciting things. Apple picking, raspberry picking, pumpkins (pumpkin bread), school (yes I always was a nerd and loved school- I even liked the uniforms)- it also leads to Thanksgiving and all of the fun of winter.

This year summer has been kind of awful. Aside from my typical depressing thoughts the weather has been less than great. Lots of rain no real sweltering heat (which again- I love- not to say that I do not love the cool crisp mornings of autumn- or the purple dawn of winter I just prefer them in the appropriate month) kind of blah- so hopefully this autumn will be better.


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