It was fun, really.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Maybe if I keep telling myself that I'll believe it... really it was fun. I could have done with out the face wacking but- it could have been a lot worse.

Today we went blueberry picking with my good friends children. She got to get her hair done and I took her kids. To be honest I was really nervous about watching them for this period of time- I broke my toe the other day and it has been painful so I have been that mobile and it was a rainy day.... so my usual way of playing with the kids was out.... especially considering my three get squirmy when inside. These two kids are great though. They are genuinely sweet and I wish to heaven my kids would behave as well as that more often. They get along so nicely with my kids too. Stinky has a bit of a crush even. It was not bad- I like the way they absorb each other.

We braved the rain. Drove an hour. Got POURED on it was like the skies just opened and dumped everything on us. We were wet so so wet. I made the big kids 'ponchos' from big garbage bags. and the little ones were in a stroller and had towels...fat lot of good that did us. We had to drive to the field and that was so the opposite of fun. The bumps scared the kids to the benches were slick with rain and were bouncing all over because it was a country 'trail' road would be aiming pretty high.

then we got to the picking area and proceeded to pick...blueberries are not as conducive to little kids picking as raspberries or strawberries- but we got it done while getting a rather refreshing shower or deluge. All was well until Stinky accidentally cracked Princess in the face with his metal bucket and made her bleed (at least she did not get a tooth knocked out) then if possible it rained even harder. We called it...and went back-on the bumpy trail from hell. Tears and lots of drama ensued from Princess. Stinky looked a lot more concerned than anything. We got into the shed and purchased our berries. Then the 'ponchos' were removed and the kids were soaked to the skin. Thankfully- I forgot to bring the towels in from the pool the other day and I stripped the kids down wrapped them in towels and turned up the heat.

We headed home. On to 55. Those of you unfamiliar with Chicago roadways this is a fairly effective punishment for pretty much any felony- but may at times cross the line to cruel and unusual- especially during poor weather- like today.

On this trip we go right passed a refinery that was putting out steam or smoke or something- the kids thought it was a cloud factory- I did not have the heart to correct them it was too cute.

We arrived home still damp two hours later- with lots of berries.

I could have done with out the less than amusing bumpy ride and the face whack but is was fun.


Imperfect Mama said...

You continue to amaze me. LOL. I still can't believe you took 5 children blueberry picking in the rain! The girls had a BLAST. xoxo

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