Ode to kindergarten teachers.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This may be a bit premature but I am so thankful and amazed by kindergarten teachers- well teachers in general- but since kindergarten teachers are front and center in my consciousness for the moment I'll start there.

On Princess's first day of school she made a name for herself by getting wet and muddy on the playground before school even started- that takes talent. Instead of getting irritated (what I did) Miss R took it in stride and just let it roll. On 'dry run' day with the chaos of nervous kids, nervous parents, and a plethora of siblings all in a melee of confusion she again let it roll...even taking the time to great her students and take their picture- even reviewing the picture with them.

So yesterday- I arrived to pick up Princess- and to my amazement Miss R not only recognized me, remembered Princess's name but she also appeared to be clean, dry, and not in any obvious need of a drink.

When we arrived at home I went through Princess's folder like any normal over involved over committed mama busy body would and found that far from letting things just ride Miss R was already jumping into curriculum working with her class of half a million five year old children on reading.

So this struck me on the way home what an incredible responsibility all of this is. Not the parenting- but the teaching- not only the basic teaching of how to read (which completely baffles me- I do not remember learning to read- I just remember doing it) but also teaching the kids to love to learn- to be excited for knowledge- to question to- look for answers- to have intrinsic motivation and gratification- all of it seems like so much.

So thank you teachers. I could not do your job.


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