Peas's New Car!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

She is 17 months going 17 years! She got her first new car! Okay, Okay- I confess it is plastic (but come on my Honda is plastic (well a lot of it is)).

Peas is the proud- and possessive- owner of a cozy coupe. The red and yellow rubbermaid looking ones...yea- those. That was found for us courtesy of a bargain hunting friend who seriously can find pretty much anything at a steal.

She was kind enough to pick up our $5 cozy coupe for us and drop it off for Peas- and Peas bonded- immediately. It was love at first sight. She was beaming with pride at her wheels.

Now she needs to learn to share. Considering how protective teens can be over their first car- I guess it is normal for her to be rather possessive of it. Sharing with sister and brother though would be nice.


netgyks said...

lol I'm glad she's liking her new car. we have a plastic one too for J, but it stays outdoors.

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