my cat needs prozac

Friday, August 14, 2009

I think.

I am not a vet- nor do I play one on tv but for all of my Google-ing all I can come up with is that she is stressed.

Calico is not the nicest of felines. She likes you or she doesn't and she prefers to be petted on her terms and only on her terms.

She is a fluffy- meaning- well she is big boned- okay okay she is fat. She was not always fat. I swear. When I rescued her she was thin- then she broke her toe, then ran away, and came back a scraggly skinny mangy thing but now she has made up for her month of deprivation and has extra padding.

Her issue now is she is scratching herself raw- in more than one area. She does not have fleas, she does not have a rash that I can see but she scratches until she is bleeding. Then it scabs over and she scratches the scab off. So far she has four areas on her head/neck that she has scratched raw.

Giving cats pills is not a pleasure in my experience and I am afraid that she would need xanax to relieve the anxiety of getting a pill shoved down her throat. That or I would need body armor.

There is something odd and counter-intuitive about giving a cat (or any animal) psychotropic medication (in my opinion). Somehow it seems that their psyches should be less complex and less messy.

What does she have to be stressed about? Hair balls? Laying in the sun?


Janet said...

Please get an opinion from the vet. The itchy part could mean she picked up a parasite while she was off on her "adventure" for a month.

No big deal if she does need Prozac (mine takes it) because you can crush it up in a pill crusher (cheap at drug store) and mix it in with canned food. I'd never get a pill down my cat either, unless I could mix it in food. Mine gets Prozac because she's such a neurotic, nervous wreck that she pulls her fur out with her teeth. The vet said it's like cat OCD. The Prozac helps a little, but I think she's going to get switched to something different to see if it works better.

Mine's a 3-legged cat. We adopted her at about 8 weeks old from our vet. Her first owner was a teenager who neglected a wound on her back leg until it developed gangrene. She ended up having to get her left back leg and hip amputated. Personally, I think she was probably always going to be a little high-strung, but that early trauma pushed her over the edge.

Now she's 4 years old. She's not mean or hard to handle, but she's very stand-offish. Doesn't like to be picked up, held, or even petted except on her head. She doesn't play much at all, and mostly spends her time looking out the windows and not even sitting in the same room with us. It's pretty disappointing, actually. You get a pet for mutual companionship, but this little girl is a Lone Ranger. We can't even get a second cat because of this one's nervousness - the vet said she will always need to be in a one pet home.

Sometimes I think about how she might live another 15 years, and all that time we won't be able to enjoy the companionship we wanted from a cat. In 15 years, my husband and I may not even be here anymore (we're seniors), so she may be the last pet we have and to be honest, it's pretty disappointing.

I hope everything goes well for you and your hyper cat. My best to you.

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