Thursday, August 6, 2009

What do you do when a friendship you have been in has turned unhealthy for you and your family? I am struggling with that. What am I supposed to say: 'Sorry I do not want you in my life you are driving me batshit insane'? I feel like it is more drama laden than needs to be. This person has changed and is someone I no longer respect or, well, like... If it were smaller differences of opinion I am ok- hey everyone has a right to their own- but when I can no longer respect the person there are issues. And I do not want to have this particular brand of crazy around my kids- Heaven knows they get enough of my crazy here- no need to confuse them.

This goes back a long time. I am not good at breaking up with ANYONE. I have done it but it was always awful. Some people can do it with grace and some people can take it with grace. I cannot do any of it. What am I supposed to do? stop returning calls and texts? write a heartfelt email? talk- talking for me doesn't work well- I either become to passive or I get to aggressive; I lack a medium assertive setting.


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