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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Somehow I forgot to update about the adventure that was swimming lessons.

Only Princess and Stinky were old enough for lessons this year. Which was very sad. Peas is a fish and was always very upset that she and I had to sit poolside and watch her sister and brother play in the water. Thankfully lessons were only 30 minutes long so it was not as bad as it could be to entertain her for that period.

Stinky pretty much had private lessons. His teacher had another student in his class but the other little boy was not into swimming as much as Stinky was. He loved the attention. 30 minutes everyday when he was the center of attention- and he got to play in the pool what was not to love???

He got used to putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles and he learned to float. Towards the end he was starting to work with a kick board. For two weeks of lessons he made a lot of progress. The funniest part was how much he loved his teacher. She melted his little boy heart. He would grin so big when he would see her. He was very sad that swimming lessons were over- he was however thrilled to receive a diploma and 'graduate'.

Princess also had a great time. She improved a lot in two weeks time. Learning to swim underwater, front float, work with a kick board, and she is ever so close to a great back float (ironically I remember back floats being the bane of my swimming lesson existence too).
She just had fun. Which is fun to watch. She took so much joy in learning and having fun. The last day 'fun day' she even got to jump off the diving board. This was something that would have terrified her two weeks earlier but she was so brave and into the deep water she went.


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