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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today was Princess's first day of kindergarten- yesterday was meet the teacher day- kind of a dry run.

Today it was the real deal.

Unfortunately the forecast called for clouds and rain- typical for this summer that has been completely not average. Anyway- after getting up eating breakfast and getting dressed in a painstakingly planned ensemble we set off for the one half mile trek to school. In case it started to rain I brought raincoats and an umbrella.

We made it to school quickly...a little to quickly maybe because the entrance for kindergarten is right next to the playground. Since it was raining the playground was wet (imagine that). I asked Princess to please stay off the playground lest she get wet and muddy on her first day. Did she listen? If you have been reading my blog long it should come as no surprise to you that she did not listen- in fact she headed directly to the playground. Shortly- she was wet and muddy- wet slides do that you know. Cue the tears. Cue the hysterics. I am apparently a heartless beast of a mom. I told her well then she could be wet- she chose not to listen- and now she is wet- oh well- you'll dry. Eventually with the help of a teacher I was convinced to hike home and get her a change of pants- which I did- then hiked them back. About a block away from school I was startled by the sound of a fire truck screaming by it stopped outside from her school right by the ambulance and police car.. my heart flip flopped. Of course. Thankfully it was apparently for a house across the street- I sighed relieved.

As soon as I arrived- it started to rain. Dropped off the pants then walked home in the rain with the little kids.... had a half an hour to sit before it was time to pack back up and go pick up the princess.

She pranced out to meet me. Proud of herself- thrilled that she was now an official kindergartner. We walked home in the light rain chattering a play by play of her day.

Princess is already to go again tomorrow.


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