B would have been proud

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last night was our neighborhood block party.

Apparently these are a rarity these days- I remember them from my childhood looking forward to them especially because I could play in the street without getting yelled at.

So last night was our neighborhoods. This is one of the things that I love about where we live. Our neighbors. They are truly fantastic people. I am blessed to count my neighbors as friends (as an aside maybe that is part of what is 'wrong' with society that no one knows their neighbors-but that is another post).

On our block they get a moon jump for the kids to play in and exhaust themselves. This is the main attraction for the 12 and under set. How they can jump so long I do not understand my legs get all jelly like just thinking about it. The grown up version of the moon jump is the keg- yes we get a keg for the party.

Every attending family brings a dish to share and meat to grill, a few grills are pulled out front, bikes and outside toys are put out and the 'party' begins.

Parents try and corral their kids to sit for a few minutes to eat this was unsuccessful for this parent- my kids mostly grazed on the fruit and chips that were out and had no interest in hot dogs or hamburgers. As the sun set it got decidedly cold! August in Chicago is supposed to be sweltering not sweater weather...soon a fire pit also made its way into the front.

This is where B would have been proud. The neighborhood men (who had assumed the job of starting the fire) were having a hard time getting it going- so like any good men decided gasoline was the answer! Gasoline! on a fire pit! Of Course Brilliant! mothers warned their kids to stay a bit back as the fire was re lit and the gas did not disappoint... in moments the pathetic fire that was had turned into a 15 ft tall bonfire that warmed the neighborhood and delighted the kids watching. My children have always loved sitting by a fire and watching it- so this was right up their alley.

All too soon it was time to take the kids in. Much to their dismay and protests of 'I NOT TIRED' and lots of very sad tears they went in and got dressed in their pjs. For not being tired they were asleep awfully fast.

The grown ups stayed out later and enjoyed some adult time- except me- I fell asleep with the kids putting them down maybe next year I will not turn into a pumpkin so early.


Anonymous said...

A block party! That sounds like so much fun. Guess my neighborhood isn't very blocky.

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