a chance for play a chance to learn

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playgroups are pretty awesome things. Kids get a chance to burn energy and learn cooperation, exercise their creativity, practice problem solving, language.....etc.

My group of friends meets at various parks and stays all day. We pack picnic lunches that turn into buffets for the kids and adults to pick and share from. One woman always had awesome food (Ms.LW) seriously what she can do with rice, avacado, corn, and beans is phenomenal.

Anyway. There is no structure to these groups. The kids just play. Sure they argue but they solve it mamas intervene if necessary but it gets them outside, keeps them active, and allows us mamas to chat.

One thing I love about these groups is not only do my children learn important skills that no book could teach them, I learn too. I learn from these moms whom I greatly respect. I learn parenting techniques- I get advice on anything and everything. Watching them parent their children has made me into a better mother. Something that I am a) deeply indebted for and b) still learning. But I have learned so many fantastically effective ways for dealing with less than cooperative behavior in respectful positive ways. So moms thank you!


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