And now the Reunion and the Aftermath

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1, 2009 was reserved back in June for this party. There was no way to escape it. To be honest I was not too excited about going a) there is not a lot of things that I can do up there b) keeping track of the kids up there makes me nervous c) I get really nervous in groups of people... But we trekked north to WI and in the end I am really happy I did- I should not have gone in with a less than enthusiastic attitude. After an 'epic journey' filled with closed expressways and traffic we arrived in one piece. The kids beat me out of the car- as usual- off to see their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relatives (termed cousins).

The weather in IL was less than great- cold, drizzly, windy, icky- and it started like that in WI but in short order it cleared up and was pleasant- not hot- a little cool- but decidedly better than IL. Princess took off and made friends with her cousins (not entirely sure how they are related on the grande tree but today they are cousins) and played happily until they went down to the beach when she cajoled her uncle and cousins into playing in the lake with her. She only had a slightly fantastic time.

Stinky found the food- the guacamole to be specific. The boy loves 'cados'. He ate and ate then played and played. He went up the stairs from the pier to beach about 30 times carrying water- I got tired watching.

Peas made the rounds being her sweet lovely snuggly self- she also made the beach into a naked baby beach and played in the sand and water (I am a bad mama and forgot her bathing suit despite thinking about it over and over).

Soon enough it was dinner time and we feasted on Italian beef, sausage, chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, and mac and cheese.... Stinky was too busy running in circles- literally to eat that much aside from cookies- but Peas and Princess ate well.

Then cake for our cousins birthday- and what kid doesn't want cake? Stinky apparently until he saw his sister and her friends eating it then he convinced his aunt to give him an icing laden piece. Which he devoured.

Back to the beach they went for a boat ride and the biggest surprise of all. Princess and Stinky convinced Grandma and Papa to let them spend the night and the next day there! So I only had one child to contend with over night and today. So we left at 10 ish and the kids were still going strong. Hopefully they will be tired tonight!


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