Moth to a Flame

Friday, August 21, 2009

You know that adage? Who doesn't. A flame or light source is an irresistible attraction for moths and other bugs. But insects are not the only beings afflicted with irresistible temptation- so are my children.

If I sit- on the off chance I sit I am needed urgently to do SOMETHING-- ANYTHING that requires me to get up and do something for them.

If I actually sneak off to shower- alone- because often I have company in the form of an 18 month old girl- the two children that are potty trained need to potty on the toilet in the bathroom that I am using NOW. No other toilet will suffice. Even at my parents house where there are half a dozen other toilets- the on in the bathroom where I am showering is the ONLY ONE THAT WILL WORK! and if I do not get out of the shower to open the door they will (and have pee all over themselves) and then be mad at me.

If I get on the phone they need to talk to me immediately or they start disobeying or acting up or again NEEDING something IMMEDIATELY. Because you know that if they have to wait another second for that drink they will die of dehydration.

The other thing: if I wipe up the floors or mop them that room becomes a magnet. There is something in that room that they need absolutely now- the piece of lint on the floor needs to be in the garbage in the kitchen and they need to go through the dinning room to throw it out- now.
Many many times I have warned them that if they walk on the wet floor they will slip and fall- and EVERYTIME the floor is mopped or wiped they go in there and surprise surprise: they fall. Then act shocked that they fall? Really? Seriously?


Heather said...

Oh, it's so true. My kiddos do it too. It's some kind of cruel mommy torture.

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