Touch of Sun

Friday, August 14, 2009

Remember that product? It was like lemon juice or something that you could spray on your hair and have 'sun like' highlights?

My children will not be needing that. Stinky has white hair- very much like I did when I was little. Princess has the most beautiful hair ever. Maybe I'll take her to my stylist and say "I want that". Because- wow. Peas- poor Peas with such fine hair- that is so light! it is such a contrast to her tan.

Today again we were outside for the majority of the day and in the water. Shocking, I know. Well I think my poor Northern European skin has had it for the summer. I have had several less than comfortable sunburns followed by peeling (before anyone gets on me- yes I use sunblock- SPF 70) but for those of us translucent pale skinned people who's skin is not meant to be exposed to UV rays for more than 2 hours no SPF is enough.

Today did me in. After being outside and playing in the water and the sand then coming back I began to feel decidedly 'off' laying down did nothing, drinking did nothing...then I you guessed it became one with the potty. With Stinky narrating as I communed with the toilet. "Mama- you are throwing up!' (really sweatheart? I had not noticed the spew. How foolish.) Everything I do I do with an audience. Even apparently vomit. Isn't that special?


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