When They Say 'No'

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My kids say 'no' to me often. And that is okay. Here is why: - They matter- their opinions matter - No one should really be forced to do things Sometimes, even if they say 'no' they do not necessarily have a choice. I know this and they know this- but there is usually a compromise to be had if you think outside the box-- sometimes this means we do things that look a little wacky- but whatever, we are working together in a team. How can my kids learn that their opinions have value and matter if I don't instill in them that they matter? I want my children to know that each of them and all of their opinions matter. If they feel I won't listen to them, will they believe their peers will listen to them? This may be melodramatic- but if my girls do not feel confident their opinions matter will they know that they can say 'no' to a boy (or girl)? How will they know that they can say 'no' and be respected if I don't respect them? Go ahead- say no.


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