Ahead of the times??

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I am always behind the times. Ok- not always- but usually.

However... I have noticed something. My parenting style is ahead of the curve.

Before baby-wearing was in I wore my babies (thanks to some wonderful women for introducing that to me). I would tell so many people about how amazing baby-wearing and no one would listen to me. Now of course these same women are eager to try baby-wearing.

Before cloth diapers were in again, I was eagerly researching and trying them. No one believed me when I said that they are not that hard.

Breastfeeding. I am an extended tandem breast feeding mom. 8 years ago I would never have imagined myself here. Now more and more mothers are electing to breastfeed and some are even breastfeeding 2 children. This is so exciting!

Things that I did which were firmly on the crunchy edge of the spectrum are now moving towards mainstream.

I must admit I am feeling a little proud right now. I really really want to loudly and obnoxiously sing "told you so!!!" but I will refrain- and instead take pleasure knowing that children are having their needs met.


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