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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have five kids (that is a lot of kids).

Each of my children were born early- they have always had their own agenda; but because of their early arrival there was almost nothing I could do for them. I could breastfeed though.

My mother did not breastfeed me, and until my first baby was born I had absolutly no intention of breastfeeding, that changed.

I had to learn how to breastfeed and my children had to learn how to breastfeed. Instinct tells us to breastfeed, but even things that are instinctual can be hard. A cat will hunt a bird, but she will not catch everyone. It is instinct but practice is still necessary.

One of the biggest surprises I had with each child was how sore my nipples got. They were mangled, cracked, bloody messes. When my child would look at me with hunger in his or her eyes, I would take the good pain meds and nurse (really, I saved Vicodin for nursing)

I was given cabbage leaves, nipple shields, pillows and tons of things to help relieve the pain. I almost gave up.

Somehow I stumbled on nipple creams. I used medical grade lanolin, All-Purpose Nipple Ointment, letting my milk dry on my nipples, ice packs, heat, weeping, and screaming.

Just when I had enough I found EasyNurse and figured that I had nothing less to lose. My nipples already looked like that gone through a meat grinder (babies- even without teeth can do a heck of a lot of damage. EasyNurse actually really helped. I was shocked. Best of all I did not have wipe it off before nursing again. The less I had to mess with my breasts the happier I was.

Thank to a great support system and finally finding a product that worked for me I have been able to nurse without crying in agony. I am now on baby #5 with no plans to stop soon.

EasyNurse is also great to use on little cuts and scrapes. It is very soothing.

**this is not a sponsored post** just was so happy to find a product that helped so much!


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