Mission Impossible - find a baby sitter

Friday, July 13, 2012

There comes a time when a family needs a baby sitter. Finding one however can be like finding a needle a haystack.

It is one thing to find a sitter for 2 kids or so but finding someone who can handle 5? Getting Mary Poppins contact information may be easier.

We have a had a few really amazing sitters and a few that I am not so crazy about and of course the kids have an opinion too, and finding a sitter who everyone likes is a challenge.

When our regular sitter had the audacity to move to Alabama for college I was crushed. The kids loved her, I loved her... what could be so important about college anyway (kidding). But we would need to find someone who was a little more available.

After trying out several sitters, one clicked. The kids are all giddy when she comes, she engages them. They do things! She takes them to the park! She paints with them (and she cleans up!) which is amazing.

I find myself paying her more than I normally would for a sitter but she is worth it.

When a mom finds a good sitter we will do anything to keep her happy.


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