hey it is my birthday!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

They day when I celebrate managing not to die in the previous year- despite my best efforts.

What better way to celebrate not dying than getting sick- no brainer huh? So that is exactly what I did .  I got sick.

Because of my asthma, anything I get goes and sets up shop in my lungs- it must be very cozy in there.

A couple of things though.  Asthma stinks.  Being sick on your birthday super stinks.  I had (and still have) like no energy. 

What is awesome? My mom coming down.  I always forget how amazing moms are.  No matter how old I get, I still want my mom.

Also awesome- a letter Princess wrote me.  I will treasure it for ever.  She is this incredible kid that I just cannot believe was given to me- she is just the most remarkable person ever and I get to raise her. How cool is that?

Again with the awesome- how excited my kid were to help me blow out the candles on my cake that they helped make.  It is so great to feel so loved.  I have no idea what I did to earn such fabulous kids. 

Pixie was so sad that she did not get to help blow out the candles we re-lit them and let her have a turn.  She was just thrilled to help me. 

Stinky must have told me a dozen times today happy birthday and how happy he is that I am his mama- each time with equal enthusiasm. I am the lucky one.

Peas was so excited to help make my cake, it is humbling to have someone so excited just to celebrate you. 

LittleDude always makes me smile.  How could he not?  The pure joy that he has is just amazing.  Watching him feed himself and being so proud is one of the best things ever.

Even more awesomeness?? One of Princess's friend's mother brought me a super sweet gift.  She is an amazing blessing and a huge inspiration to me. 

It keeps going with the awesome... watch out, my neighbor took my kids to get me a card and her kids and my kids signed it and gave me a chocolate bar.  She is one of my mom-idols.

My husband, knowing I feel like crap let me rest and was so kind to me. 

My mom dealt with dinner and helped my kids make a cake-- and on top of it got me a really awesome dustbuster (I really wanted one).

So virus/bacteria whatever you are--- you can try and ruin my birthday.... but you didn't. 

I am so humbled and so grateful and so amazed at all of the incredible wonderful people in my life. 


Ashley Cruz said...

Being sick on your birthday is never fun but it sounds like you had a great day anyways. :)

Visiting from SITS!

misssrobin said...

I'm sorry you were sick on your birthday. I'm glad the people in your life went the extra mile to make it a special birthday anyway. I hope next year you can get special treatment AND be healthy. That would be a great birthday!

Stopping by from SITS. Happy birthday!

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