and then the dog got hit by a car

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I keep seeing the scene in my head.  Our dog, Aurora- a Siberian Husky, coming back across the road.  A silver car went around my car (my car had its hazards on- pulled over).  The awful thunk as the car struck the dog.  My stomach plummeting.  The desperate wail from Princess (my 8 ear old).

The *thunk* keeps replaying in my head.  It is an awful sound. Hollow. Lonely.

Aurora three legged hopped to back to the side of the road.

We had a previous husky- Ali who died after being hit by a car on that same road.

Aurora was luckier.  Only her back end was hit.  The driver stopped.  What do you do when you hit a dog and the owner is right there?  What I am supposed to say to the driver? What should I do? What should he do? Emily Post does not cover this.

Aurora seemed okay, saver for her back leg, Princess was distraught.

We put the dog in the car and brought her to the vet.

By some miracle she only had a dislocated hip and a few lacerations.

The vets office took her back right away. We heard her yelp.  I cried. Maybe she was not as okay as I thought.

Soon, the vet came in.  Aurora yelped when she had her temperature taken, but she had to be sedated for some more work.. The gave her her sedation and brought her to us so we could pet her.  In minutes she was sleeping.

After her hip was fixed and her cuts repaired we left the vets office for home.

It had started snowing.  The darn dog wanted to play in the snow.


misssrobin said...

I'm so sorry for the trauma you and the kids experienced. The dog too, but I imagine the dog will heal more quickly than the people. I do hope the driver plans to cover vet costs.

Best wishes for healing all around. And for a much better week. I'm glad the dog is doing well. Stopping by from SITS.

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