I must just have "Sympathy" written on my head

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It is cold here.  Its been colder- of course- this is the Chicago area after all.  Winters are part of what we are know for.

It was night.  I was loading the groceries into the back of my minivan (if that doesn't scream mom with kids-- nothing does) and a gentleman and a boy (maybe 3 years old) came up to me.  They said they missed their bus and did not have enough money to get something to eat (it was dinner time) and pay for the bus on the way home.

I never have cash.  Like never.  So I felt so bad.  Even worse that it was frigid, dark, and this poor kid was out in it.  I know what it is like to have a kid to entertain for a while-  it would suck to have to swallow your pride and ask for help.

The little boy was eying some of the treats I just put in my trunk.  So I did what any mama would do- and gave them to him.  Picture this-- it was 3 degrees outside- we were standing in the parking lot of a grocery store freezing.  The little boy was eying some cookies.  I take them out and ask if he is allergic to gluten, peanuts, or dairy the dad said he was not allergic so I gave him the cookies--

In this exchange I noticed that the child had no hat- so I did what any mama would do- gave him one of my kids hats left in the car and gloves.

I wish I had carried some money or something.  I had to stop myself from inviting them back to our home for pizza.

On the way home- I let down more milk than I previously knew I could.  That is apparently my boob's solution to the problem: cold? hungry? tired? want some milk?!!? Boobs make everything better.


Suzanne said...

Hi Elizabeth, just wanted to say hi. (Found you from SITS) You know, I'm like you and don't ever have cash, but I love that you were still able to help this child. I think being a mom has given us a lot more empathy.

Anyway, I'm a mom of 3, have left the stage of nursing and diapering to the new stage of dealing with teen hood, and figuring out how to pay the bills!

Glad to meet you! (You are funny!) :)

Kristin Leamy said...

"Boobs make everything better. "

My husband's motto! ;)

Elisabeth said...

Love it! Boobs make everything better. Ha! My baby (14 month old) sure does think so! Apparently it makes teething better.

Alethea Etinoff said...

I chuckled at the end. According to my husband, 'Boobs do make everything better'. Stopping by from SITS.


Britton said...

That was very nice of you! So many people wouldn't have done what you did! I always try to keep a few dollars in my cupholder to give to those standing by the side of the road.

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