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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My mom is going to her 50th high school reunion in a week.  She and her sister sat in my dinning room and my mom went over what she was planning on wearing. 

Somehow the conversation shifted to my cousins going to homecoming, and what they wore and how the girls were asked.  Apparently asking girls to homecoming has become an event on par with a proposal.  I guess their dresses were beautiful and they looked fantastic- I mean they could look fabulous in potato sacks.

I started thinking how much I missed getting to go shopping with girlfriends to find the perfect dress and shoes. Going from store to store- trying on tons of dresses until we found 'it': the perfect dress.  The last dress I got to do that for was my wedding dress, and I don't see any other formal occasions in my future.

In my internet browsing, I came upon a fun website that has gorgeous dresses.  While I can't take 30 of them into a dressing room and try them all on, I can browse through them from the comfort of my sofa and my cozy yoga pants (which have never actually been to yoga). They have some cocktail dresses that I may end up planning a special evening just so I can justify purchasing one (I really like this one).

Maybe sometime soon I can think up an excuse for a super date night.


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