Don't tell me to calm down

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I have anxiety.  At times it can feel crippling.  Having someone tell me to calm down is like pouring gasoline on a fire: it does no good- and actually makes it worse. If  'calming down' was that easy don't you think I'd do it?? Would you tell someone having a heart attack to just stop? No?  (I certainly hope not, at least.) Then don't tell me to calm down.

Its insulting to be told that- as if I had some choice in the matter.  Anxiety is not something that I can schedule.  It just is.

Another thing not to do-- for the love of all that is holy- do not try and surprise or scar me.  I may surprise you by hitting you.


AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

I'm sorry. That would be tough. My son has a lot of anxiety and I just try to reassure him.

Kate said...

Has someone actually done that, tried to scare you???? Seriously??? I have suffered with anxiety in past and its still there in the background or hidden away but something will trigger it, like something goes wrong, I do manage to control it but in the past I have had panic attacks, which are horrendous. Thankfully mine isn't severe generally or it is the way I react to certain things. I do appreciate how anxiety can take over your life.


Kate said...

Just wanted to check. I got a confirmation email about my comment and it said I was a noreply comment, which I thought I'd already changed so I'm just checking my settings again to make sure setting has changed now.

Just Me said...

You're good! Yes, my husband off all people- tried to scare me. I literally pee'd my pants.

The calm down thing has to be up there as a huge pet peeve. ugh people.

Magickal Housewife said...

I have an anxiety group on Facebook if you're interested in joining. I've had it all my life. I know how it is :) Feel better. And if someone tells you to calm down, say "I will calm down when you realize how wrong it is to say that to someone with anxiety."

Just Me said...

Ohh I think I will steal that retort. I'd love to join your group please email me @

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