Labor and Delivery.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let me say this: I am not pregnant.

I was talking to a friend today discussing pregnancy- and how it can be challenging. That it can be uncomfortable and painful- but I'd do it again for each of my kids- even the labor and delivery part.

Suddenly, I remembered being pregnant with Princess and sitting on the back porch and realizing that this baby was going to come out one way or another and it probably would not be my favorite time of the whole experience.  I was terrified. The scene from "Alien" played in my mind.

I was foolishly under the impression that if I prepared enough I would be in control and calm.  As with everything else parent and child related: control is an illusion. 

Astonishingly, that was 11 years ago now (Princess, just turned 10). 


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