My 3 Year Old made an Amazon order

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I should have guessed that it would happen at some point.  Little Dude ordered a whole season of his favorite show "Paw Patrol" from Amazon.

Recently, I ordered a kindle fire relatively recently, and he loves it. Sadly, I have not figured out how to prevent purchases like this, and until this incident, I didn't even look into it.

The other night I started getting notifications on my phone that Amazon purchases had been made, little confirmation emails thanking me for my order. I thought nothing of it at first, thinking that maybe B had ordered a few shows--- then they kept coming, and I texted him to see what he had been buying... nothing.  LittleDude, was sitting right next to him and he was paying no attention to what was happening (typical).  While LittleDude was sitting there, innocent as can be and he bought a whole season of Paw Patrol and several other episodes. 

I suppose it was bound to happen sometime or another.  I am glad that it was less expensive than it could be.


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