The Immortal Fish

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A while ago Princess requested a goldfish when we were at PetSmart for dog food. Sure what the heck a .12 goldfish, we thought.....she immediately christened the fish "UJ", after my brother.

We set the tank up in her room and explained that we needed to feed him everyday, a little pinch of food. Like fools we left the food in her room. A three year old's definition of "little pinch" is apparently different than everyone elses. Somehow 'little pinch' translates to the entire container of fish food, some in the tank, most out of it, in one of her hats (huh?? why??) So much for the nap that she was supposed to take. Fish food is a pain to clean up. Months later I am still finding flakes places. Amazingly the goldfish survived that, with no obvious ill effects.

Once we got past that incident she decided that Uncle Joe would like stickers, hmmm, goldfish like stickers?? Who knew?? Again, the fish survived the sticker assault.

Next came the toys...UJ was she put barbie toys in his tank..he did not seem interested but he did not seem offended either.

Since the first incident of fish food all you can eat buffet DH and I had assumed responsibility for the feeding of the fish, and retained custody of the food. Unfortunately if the animal cannot ask for food we often forget to feed it. Sometimes long enough that we forget where the food is! Most mornings I awaken and look at his tank expecting to see a dead fish. So far he has been resilient and survived the overfeeding, the starvation diet, and the various assaults.

Dh and I have decided that the fish is immortal. Yes I know that as soon as I post this I have signed his death warrent....


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