Pole dancing competitions

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pole dancing is no longer a "Gentleman's" Club attraction.  It is now a fitness activity.  One that I adore.

As pole dancing has grown more popular, competitions have become more common.  Women I started poling with are entering (and winning!) competitions.  Women I dance with and train with are champions. That is super awesome.

I do not compete.  I will not compete. Let me say, I do not hold it against anyone if they choose to compete or perform or whatever. Let me tell you why I choose not to compete.

Personally, I can't let myself compete or I will end up doing it all wrong.  I will end up getting really upset if I don't win and it will suck the fun right out of it.  Pole is about fun- to lose that would be so sad.

I do not want to do that to myself.  I will also measure myself against other dancers; from skills to appearance.  I will critique my feet, my thighs, my belly, everything.  I don't want to do that, so I don't put myself in a position when that is likely to happen.

Another reason I don't compete or perform is; I don't want people looking at me like that.  Pole has a really sexual side to it. That is fine.  I just don't want myself to get caught up in it.  I don't want to be looked at like that.  If other people are cool with it-- go for it. Its just not for me.

Pole is for me. Its my time. I have no desire to let someone else or a competition get into my head and take that time from me.  It is the time when I can focus on being me, not a wife, mother, etc.  It is time for me to get out of my head and turn my brain off.


-TWE said...

Elizabeth, I love this post. I can completely relate to your reasons for not pole dancing - the comparing yourself to others and taking the fun out of it. I always thought I wanted to be a fitness model. I've always worked out and have usually felt pretty good in my skin (although I do go through my moments of wanting to be skinny but that's a whole diff issue). Anyhow, I recently had professional pics made in an effort to finally get started on my dream of being a fitness model. OMG! The pics destroyed me. I hated them. I never dreamed I would react to them the way I did. I began doing just as you said - critiquing myself, pointing out off of my flaws, etc. Totally sucked the fun out of my workouts. I started my "skinny" thoughts again and at the same time started binge eating again. I took the pics in July. I'm just now starting to recover from them. I have dropped the fitness model dreams and am just trying to get back into looking and feeling good for me. Great post. Thank you for sharing! And thank you for visiting me at NoSkinnies.

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