Full Heart, Full Life

Saturday, November 23, 2013

For a long time I complained about feeling empty.  For the longest time I had felt like I was missing something. Missing some fulfillment. I would read articles and listen to friends talk about their meaningful lives and feel something was missing from mine. 

A few weeks or so ago, something clicked.  My life is rich and full and amazing. My kids make me nuts at times but I love them.  They give me so much- they keep me on my toes, they give me joy, and the make me see the most interesting points of view.

My life may not change the world-  but it may- I am helping to raise kind, thoughtful, global citizens who care about the environment- which may just change the world, one person at a time. 

My life is fulfilling.  I have a heart that is full, from the love and joy that my family brings me. I have even started loving serving, serving my children and family and helping keeping them healthy and cared for.


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