Peas turns 6

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I am late on this..

But Peas is 6 now.  I am not sure when the last 6 years passed because I think of her as a baby or a toddler still.

She has been a challenge- but all of the things that are challenging about her will serve her well. 

Peas knows what she wants and will not settle for less. She knows she deserves kindness and good treatment and will call anyone out.  If anyone is mean to her siblings- watch out-- only she can harass them.

She is passionate.  No one can match her passion.

Peas can be the sweetest and most adorable kid in the world.... but cross her... and good luck.

Right now her favorite things include horses, Doc McStuffins, princesses, and playing with her friends.

I admire her spirit, her independence, and her confidence.  Watching her grow and being her mother has been a privilege.


healthyactivist said...

Stopping by via SITS....I enjoyed this post. I also have a passionate daughter. When she gets involved or interested in something, wow, look out, she is single-minded. She is 11 now. Yes, these qualities will serve them well.....someday:)

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