Kids Toys I Loathe

Monday, March 24, 2014

Every parent has some kids toys that make them irrationally annoyed. There are the obvious culprits- toys that make noise or giant messes.  Play doh is one of the toys that makes me nuts- it gets every where and dries- colors get all muddy etc. That is a pretty reasonable toy to dislike.

One that does not make sense is balloons. Balloons drive me nuts. Nothing good comes out of balloons. ever.

Helium filled balloons or regularly inflated balloons, doesn't matter. They make me nuts.
If they are the ones with a string tied on them, someone will let it go and then there is an epic meltdown. They may get tangled and then: epic meltdown.

If they are just regularly inflated they get 'kept off the ground' and someone gets stepped on or knocked over then: epic meltdown. Sometimes things get knocked over and then there is an epic meltdown.

There are fights and all sorts drama from balloons.  I truly dislike them, more than I dislike the kids drum set. Just seeing them makes me feel irrationally angry and annoyed.


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