White Fang

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Aurora-- White Fang-- the Siberian Husky can sense when it is going to snow.  She gets excited and bounces around like she is half Tigger-- and that is before it snows.  When it snowing she is outside and is just thrilled- its like it is snowing just for her.

Yesterday, the pressure was changing, she knew snow was coming and about every 15 minutes, she wanted to go out and see if it had started snowing yet. Each time, she got outside and it was like the wind came out of her sails each time it had not started yet, she was so disappointed.

She does like to leave if she is left outside for more than a few minutes, even if she is tethered, in a yard with a new fence.  So she can't stay out for a long time. 

This morning she went out and it had snowed but only a little-- and she was bummed.  You could see her thinking "Really?? This is it? There is supposed to be more!"

There will be more later today- but not yet and she is annoyed.


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