Cooking without a book

Friday, June 22, 2012

I love to cook- most of the time. I love to cook when I am not pressured or rushed.

My mom and grandmother taught me how to cook. I am sure I drove each nuts sitting and wanting to 'help' all the time.

Most of the recipes I learned were measured in handfuls and pinches. Texture, aroma, and how the food looked were more important than measuring things.

Fudge is one of my grandmothers specialties. Her instructions to me included 'beat it in the bowl until your arm is going to fall off" there is also the part about the soft ball stage (which is actually a recognized term).

Somehow her food was always amazing.

My mother is the same when I ask her how she makes something she says "oh I just throw in whatever is around". Somehow it always turns out fantastic.

Ironically- it is the same way I cook. I add flour until the bread dough has the right elasticity. Add herbs and vegetables as they are around the house. Some habits maybe are genetic.


KiKi said...

Thats how i cook most of the time. Smell a spice and decided ya that smells like it would taste good with this dish.

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