New and unusual!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So I have returned to pole dancing- no shocker there.

I love it again- also- not a surprise.

What is a surprise is before Little Dude I would just throw myself into a trick and just go for it. Now I am a bit worried. More cautious. Though I am sure my pole teachers think it is fantastic that they need no worry at attempt any CRAZY tricks- or new things without a mat. Now- even with the mat I am more nervous.

I don't quite know how to handle the fear. Is this something that came with turning 30? It is cramping my death defying pole style..

Seriously- I am nervous to climb to the top of the pole flip upside down hold the pole between my legs and let go, I mean really-- where is the fun in that?

The only other time I was even slightly nervous pole dancing was when I got my first cast off my wrist. I was worried about stressing it too much- got over that real quick. But now?

I hope it goes away.


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