You may be a mom if.....

Friday, January 31, 2014

We have been struck with a stomach virus. 

It starts innocently enough.  One kid gets it.  But if you have parenting experience you know that more than likely, the plague will spread through the house, despite best efforts.

Pixie fell to the virus first. She was so sad.  Just laying on the couch drifting between sleep and wakefulness. A day later Peas fell. After 2 days Pixie had beaten the bug, while Peas was still snuggled on the couch. A benefit to older kids getting a stomach bug, is they can aim. You never realize how much of a benefit this is until you have a child that is like an out of control fountain.  While Peas and Pixie can't consistently make it to the bathroom, they can aim well if given a bucket.

Next, LittleDude got it.  He can't aim.  Nor can he provide any real warning as to when he is going to erupt so paying attention to body language-- and keeping up on the towels is key.
He also doesn't understand when I tell him to rest, and try and limit his intake so its not all over the floor.  In the end the only thing he wanted was milky so we went with that. And cuddles.

Now I have it as do Princess and Stinky.  Hopefully, it will be short lived.


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