Monday, November 9, 2009

As a kid I never called anyone except for teachers Mr. or Mrs. So and So. The concept makes very little sense to me.

Now that I have children I find people (like my child's teacher) calling me Mrs. MarriedLastName as well as other children referring to me as such.

With the teacher and people I see regularly I always or most of the time say "oh no please call me....." which works great. But with kids- some parents look at me funny if I say the same. I understand that some people believe that titles and such are a sign of respect- that is great- but to me you should respect people based on the fact that they are people not on the idea that they are older. Respect greater than that is earned- and not by having a birthday- but by a thousand other things.

My children call their teachers Miss LastName but other adults are usually referred to on a first name basis. It does not mean they respect anyone any less just that titles are a bit superfluous.

What do you think?


Imperfect Mama said...

It always seems weird to me when a kid calls me by my first name. But I'm so not ready to be Mrs. LastName yet either. The Miss FirstName thing works for us as a nice compromise. That way the kids aren't confused when they hear us talking about our friends by a different name, but they know that they're supposed to treat them with more respect than their friends.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I think I'm old enough now that it no longer bothers me when kids call me Mrs lastname. I'm ok with Miss/Ms. firstname, but it does bother me when small children refer to me by my first name. I was raised to believe that all adults needed to be treated with respect. I found your blog because our titles are similar.

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