You haved arrived

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

in motherhood.

It is a 24/7 job. You do not get paid, you do not get any acknowledgment, or thanks, and a lunch break is usually taken 'tasting' food from the kids plates, and you get puked on or peed on- and it is not a big deal.

6 years ago if I got peed on or puked on it would have been a big issue. Now I can get pee'd on and I am thankful that it was a) not the carpet or couch- both are harder to clean than clothes b) thankful that I am not wearing anything that needs dry cleaning.

Tonight was a perfect example. The kids have colds. Not even bad colds but they are phelgmy- anyway- sitting at dinner Stinky started to cough- suddenly his cough changed from a 'cough' cough to a going to be sick cough- before I had time to react- he was. My reaction was calm more matter of fact than anything- because his sisters were now all 'eww'-ing and being rather dramatic. So after getting him down stripping him to his underwear- he proceeded to start coughing again. My first reaction was to move him from the carpet to the wood floor (cleaning is easier) he of course was sick again.

Before kids I would have been all kinds of grossed out too now it is just a part of life


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